Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm Bringing "Dixie" Back....

Dixie is back, like she never missed a beat!!! Thank you Lord!! It was a crazy week to say the least, but Saturday she was fully alive again!! She certainly gave us a scare, but after a series of antibiotics and a little TLC, she is back in action! Saturday night we went into Houston for dinner and afterwards we hit The Chocolate Bar and Candylicious. We're working on our first care package to send to Libbie and we scored some Hello Kitty items at Candylicious!! Get ready Libbie.
A sweet friend from our Yahoo group is going to take a photo album to Libbie when she visits her orphanage in the next couple of weeks. We are THRILLED! We are still waiting on the CCAA approval before we can officially send our care package to our baby girl. We wanted to send her some current photos of us and what better backdrop than the candy store??
You know my Hoot loves all things creepy... he thought these vampire teeth were great in the package.... they didn't taste so great though...
So he shared a cup of ice cream with dad from The Chocolate Bar next door. I couldn't get his human teeth brushed fast enough when we got home. I envisioned our next trip to the dentist...
It was so nice to have a quiet weekend. I'm going to take a Sunday nap and then were going to church. I only committed to bring drinks.... that's it... no cooking for me today!


  1. Isn't it so much fun to shop for your little one? I'm so happy for you! I love the pictures :)

  2. I think a Halloween party sounds fun! Just let us know the details if you decide to go ahead.

    Where is the Chocolate Bar?? You are the second person I have recently heard talk about this place. I must go!