Friday, June 3, 2011

Catching Up

So we've been busy with all the end of year happenings. We had a wonderful visit from the Indiana grandparents.

My sister and niece came to visit while the grandparents were down. The kiddos loved having them here and we did too. It was the Dolls first visit from Papa and Granna and boy was she spoiled. She's coming out of her shell so I was glad they got to see her in all her glory. It's taken a while for her to warm up to strangers, but she's pretty comfortable now. We made a trip to Kemah and then went to a car show in Tomball. Lambert and my dad are both car junkies so anytime dad is town a car show is a must! Granna brought me hydrangeas and hosta all the way from Indiana!
This is the sweetest little ballerina you could ever meet! Libbie adores her but wasn't too sure about all the guests! She had more fun playing with Scout... the family dog.

Granna got to attend Kate's Ballerina Birthday party and meet my friend Kim and her family. Kim's mom was in town from up north so Granna got to talk to her about peonies and poppies that were probably blooming while they were both down south visiting family. The flowers up north are too die for. I so wish we lived in a climate that would tolerate beautiful beds. Really I wish we lived in Indiana... but that's another story. I have the bug to visit, but it may have to wait. Our trip to China ate up most of my vacation time and most of our budget.


Hoot graduated and is now an official first grader! He is so proud and so are we. He also performed in his third piano recital and did AWESOME!!! He played two songs from memory and he was the first one up to play. I thought he was nervous, but afterwards he told me he told himself, "now Owen were gonna do this!" and then he just walked up the stairs to the stage and played his heart out. I love it when he takes a bow after he's done. It's just so sweet to this mamma!



Wiped out... they were so sweet together.

We had a great Memorial day. We visited a new resort in Conroe. Hoot and Libbie LOVED it... Me not so much... I think Lambert has spoiled me with Hyatt Hill Country... I also love Galveston and would have preferred The San Luis over this resort. We did have a great time as a family and for the VERY first time... Hoot wasn't terrified of the fireworks display. Libbie was an old pro... she isn't afraid of ANYTHING... she would stand at the edge of the pool and fall forwards or backwards... she really didn't care if anyone was there to catch her either. She's a maniac.. she can't swim so I don't know what she thought would happen if we didn't catch her. It's GREAT to see the two kiddos play together. She adores her big brother (GUGU) That's what she calls Hoot. She fits right into our family and I really can't believe we've ever been without her. It feels like she's always been with us. Everyday I thank God for her and for giving us the courage to follow His plan for our family. He has other big plans for us on the horizon (i can't talk about it now) but He is at work. (no...were not adopting again right now)...

AND..... Drum roll.... Hoot learned how to ride a bike MINUS the training wheels... I know he's almost 7 and he should have learned a couple years back, but as I've said before... he's just like his mamma... he can't help it.
I know... the bike is for a three year old and where in the world is his helmet?? I never said we've won any parenting awards...



  1. I won't name names, but we've had two kids 3 years apart learn to self-swing on a swing set the same week. Other pair - 3 years apart learned to snap fingers the same week. When they are half our current age, they'll all be about the same...ride at 5 or at 7 - it doesn't matter. I'm sure he's proud of the accomplishment.

    With you on the resorts...but you can't beat the convenience and price for the closer "light" version.

    David S

  2. I have to agree with crusher...we have seen all of our kids get different things at VERY different times but they all even out. Also, I am with you about the resorts. LOVE Hyatt Hill Country and Lost Pines...the COnroe one was very mediocre. But the price is better:)

  3. Congrats to Hoot!! He looks so handsome in his cap/gown! Looks as if you already have a great kickoff to a wonderful summer! That pool looks refreshing!