Sunday, June 26, 2011


Really... I quit my job... it's even hard to type those words. I mentioned a while back that I had been wrestling with God and he was going to do something big in our life. I struggled over the issue of working or staying at home with the littles. About three weeks ago I discussed the idea with my employer and a week later finally decided my heart truly was at home and I needed to give it all up. I wasn't passionate about my work and hadn't been for a long time. I enjoyed what I did, but I certainly wasn't working as if unto the Lord. I wanted desperately to be a SAHM. I envied all of you wonderful moms that are able to stay at home and raise a family. Hoot has asked me daily why I had to work away from the home. I know its where I need to be but it's hard to give up all I've known for the last 20 years. I've been with my current employer for 13 years!!! Where did the time go? In the end the fear of looking back in 10 years and regretting not being at home when I had the chance out weighed the benefits of working outside the home. So... we may be living in a van down by the river soon... but I'll be with my children in the van! I assume I'll start clipping coupons sooner rather than later and my ebay/craigslist days are probably over! I know that God will provide for our family. On another note we're super excited that tomorrow we'll be visiting the amazing Shriner's hospital with the Doll and hopefully begin her therapy in the near future. We know she's got a long road ahead of her with a rigorous schedule of treatments! This was another contributing factor for me to be at home. So... I am officially a SAHM!!! Yeah for me! AND... were in the full throws of summer. VBS kicked off tonight and will run through the week.
Hoot is having a ball with his friends... this year he's even singing!!!
The Libster enjoyed tonights kickoff and notice THE DRESS... Thank you Dawn and Lucy... She loves it and even said "Lucy's dress" when we put it on:)

We spent this afternoon in Galveston. We built sand castles, buried the Doll,
and I even got in the water... seaweed and all... I've said before I detest the bay water and today we experienced why... Hoot came running out of the water flailing his arms about exclaiming something was stinging his (you know what!!) I told him to run to Dad to check it out. We're not sure what it was but there was some sort of tiny sea creature affixed to the most tender part of his little body!!! I rinsed him with fresh water, picked the creature off, checked the rest of his trunks for sibling sea creatures (there were none)and Hoot and I did NOT go back in the water. We'll be sticking to pool water from now on I assure you. HOWEVER.... a sweet neighbor friend purchased a blow up pool for the kiddos this week and brought it over to our house. She and her son came over for a swim so I lathered up the kiddos and stuck them in the pool. They played and splashed for a good hour. It was about time to get out and I noticed the pool water was cloudy and a little brown (you know where this is going). I snatched Libbie up to towel her off and there it was... diarrhea running all out of her swim diaper. It never occurred to me that the children were swimming in poo... I was mortified. Why didn't I think there was something wrong with the brown water?? I even said out loud... "you kids are filthy, look how dirty the water is" But they kept right on swimming. We drained the pool and dowsed it with bleach. I just knew they would all have the stomach bug. The boys were scuba diving with their goggles and snorkels.
The culprit!!!

I can only imagine what my sweet neighbor was thinking. Her poor son!! So I'm not sure the pool water at my house is any safer (or cleaner) than the bay water! I'm off to bed, but first I'm going to Google Galveston Bay tiny, stinging sea creatures...


  1. I am so happy for you! Big smiles!

  2. Congrats on making the leap! You are brave to start your career as a SAHM in the summer! :) You will love it! Don't let money be your worry...small sacrifices can really change your budget and you will be amazed at how God can provide!

    The poo story has happened to all of us, whether we admit it or not!

  3. Welcome Home! It's a blessing!

  4. I am so happy for you Shelley!!!! I do kind of agree with Megan that you are brave to make such a leap in the summer. Summer can be rough in us SAHM's.

    I am gagging a bit at the pool incident although it happens to everyone in some fashion or another. LOL!

    I hope you appts. go well today. Kate and I are home so I might text you that if you finish and want to swing by...we will be here:)

    Crusher will be glad to see an update. he does not check many blogs you know,

  5. My little has a water table (our pool should be here in 2 weeks & I...I mean the kids are super excited). She likes to climb in & sit in the table. She had been playing for a few hours & I asked if she needed to go inside & potty. She said "no Mama, I peed in my table awready." nice Piper, real nice

  6. She is such a cute culprit though....sorry about the pool incident...bad juju.

    We are going to Galveston in 2 wks....tell me the places I should avoid and the places I should see.
    Thanks for sharing your family....

  7. Yeah for the whole family, you all will benefit from you being at home!
    So happy for you guys....much love!

  8. OK..first....Libbie looks perfect in her dress!!!! It melts my heart seeing her in it!!

    Second...yay for you...I am so excited for you!!

    Third...I am a little jealous that you and Libbie can pop by and see Kim and Kate :)

  9. Since it is 10:30 at night and Matt is in bed, I am quietly laughing. Otherwise, I would be rolling on the floor. Between the sea creature and poo water, I have tears coming out of my eyes.

    On a more serious note, you guys amaze me with your faith. Ya'll truly live it and are an inspiration. I'm so happy for you!

  10. Oh the perks of being a SAHM far outweighs cute clothes/shopping! A very wise decision. Hoot is gonna love coming home after school to Mom!!

    Speaking of Hoot, glad that he is okay! Thats one reason why I "don't enter the waters in Galveston"! The seaweed scares me tremendously, plus I'm deathly afraid of jelly fish!! Glad to see your lil guy was okay. The "poop accident" was gross...but hilarious!!!