Monday, June 20, 2011

My Baby Daddy

I couldn't go without posting about the father in our house. My beloved Lambert. Big Daddy, Baba... I wasn't fully prepared for what an awesome daddy Lambert would be. He is the quintessential mother hen... i often feel inadequate as a mother when he over prepares, protects, plans etc. He is the most thoughtful father as well. Lambert's chief duty in our home is FUN... He is the fun dad and I am the hammer. When he gets home from work it's game time. He doesn't get a moments rest until the littles are put to bed. He's the entertainer the, the tickler, the wrestler and ultimate softy. But he's strong too. He's a protector and provider. He's a planner, always looking out for them. The littles have his heart tightly wrapped around their tiny fingers. If something ever happened to me, I know these two kiddos would be well taken care of. I love to watch him in action. He is tender and loving. He'll wipe away tears with a kind whisper of encouragement. He lights up their faces when he walks in the room. Lambert is sincere and thoughtful. Hoot watches his every move and wants to be just like his daddy. The Doll is absolutely smitten with him... he can do no wrong.. except kiss mommy. She'll yell from across the room... "Hey Stop DAT!!!" if he steals a kiss or hug from me in the kitchen. He always has time for his children, even when there are a million things on his to do list. He makes time. Lambert is a faithful, honest man that loves the Lord and leads our family with integrity and love. He's human and makes mistakes just like the rest of us, but he's pretty close to perfect in my eyes. I love you Lambert and so do your kiddos. Thank you for being such a blessing in my life.

China was difficult for Lambert. One little in particular wouldn't let him out of sight and the other was terribly jealous and I was NO help at all... He's a trooper.
she was all smiles after the baby whisperer was done with her...

I love you honey. You're one incredible daddy.


  1. So precious! Love the pic of him tickling your daughter while your son is hanging on his back. Awesome! Gotta love great Dads!!

  2. So "Crusher" told me today that Hoot's Mom really needs to update her blog. Just sayin:)

    Lambert is an amazing Daddy. I have seen him on action. We want you guys to come over soon.