Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kindness Take Two

So... last week Lambert got a call from an old friend we used to go to church with. She asked if she and her roommate could drop by to deliver a gift to Libbie. This seemed a little odd to me because we weren't really close with either of the gals and we (i) hadn't seen them in quite a while. I didn't know they even knew we had The Doll.(should the "T" in the be capitalized? I don't know... can you tell I'm nervous? Keep reading...)Sometimes when you leave a church you wonder if anyone knew you left... it's funny to see people every Sunday/Wednesday for years and then leave and they're never seen again. We live in a pretty small community and it's strange not to run into people. We miss y'all FBCH readers. So... Lambert told me they were going to drop in over the weekend. Sunday after church our two friends stopped by and I was COMPLETELY blown away. COMPLETELY. They are both VERY talented, artistic women so I knew the gift was going to be great and probably created by one or both of them. I'll get to the gift momentarily there is more to this story...

While we were visiting it came out that they followed the blog... I had no idea. You just NEVER know who might be reading and might be touched or blessed through the posts. Sometimes I forget that it's not just my family and friends following along. Now one of the roommates is "that" English teacher... you know the one... so smart and intimidating you find it painful to move the pen on the paper because you know you're doomed.(I think I'm showing my age... do kids WRITE papers anymore? Probably not...) I am cringing at the fact she reads the blog. My grammar leaves much room for improvement. I'm flashing back to high school English papers covered in red ink...

Really I'm just SO honored that either of them care about our life and our newest addition. I was beyond blessed by the visit. My cup was truly filled by the love and kindness they displayed. It wasn't the gift. It was the fact that they came to our home and told us that they missed us and thought of us. I am truly amazed. For a couple of days I've thought about how to write this post (obviously I didn't work on my grammar). What should I say? How can I express my gratitude? It's hard for me to put into words what my heart feels. Their act of kindness and love ministered to me and to Lambert in a way I truly can not express. When they left, we just sat and looked at each other. No words. They were the hands and feet to our family. K and K, we thank you and love you.

John 13: 34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Now to the gift... it could not be more perfect. The colors K used are colors I would have chosen myself. The prints are just darling and the details are unbelievable. The pictures don't do it justice. Now if you are in need of an heirloom quality baby gift... my friend has opened up shop and you WON'T be disappointed. This quilt will be passed down for years to come. I know it's intended to be used, but my little Doll won't get her grubby fingers on it until she's married. Okay I may let her take it for a sleepover IF I chaperon.

Not sure if K has a website, but if you're interested let me know and I will get details. I'll get details anyway and post later.
The Doll doesn't give out kisses to just anybody... she likes K.
It's really hard to see in the photo, but the squares have little "L"s stitched ever so sweetly.

Chocolate Pie Quilt Studio... It's really a work of art.


  1. That is so beautiful...what a blessing that they came to visit and share their love and support with your family!

  2. Precious, just precious!!!!!

  3. Beautiful quilt! How special to know the story behind it. :)

  4. Wow...what a beautiful and touching story!!!! yes, you never know who is reading and how you might touch them.

    That quilt is gorgeous. I desperately need to have Kate's 100 wishes quilt made. I have had all the pieces sitting in a cabinet for years but have not found someone to make it. Wonder if they would consider a job such as that???

    Let's visit soon. I miss y'all.


  5. WOW! A beautiful quilt!!! I have a quilt my mom bought me for my 10th birthday - it's 17 years old. I am sure I will have it forever and pass it down. It's not hand made or anything but such a fun heirloom.

  6. So heart warming when people take the time to make you feel special. The quilt is beautiful. How often we miss blessings by not taking the time by making some else feel special too.

  7. It is absolutely beautiful. I am always awed by the sweetness of this bloggy world:)

  8. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Ever since I saw the movie "Step Mom" starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon and the scene where she "opens up the gift" of the kids pictures on the quilts I have been IN LOVE!!! I know that probably is "over the top" but I would love to inquire about having some of my sweet girls "very special" dresses conformed to make a nice quilt! I will email you a little later.