Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back Log!

So much to post so little time. Life gets busy and just when I feel I'm getting in a groove, life happens. I must catch up and post about Hoots GALACTIC 7th birthday party. I think it was his best yet! It was by far the easiest party I've ever thrown together and I must say... it was nice not to be so stressed out over all the details. We planned ahead, and Double Dave's Pizza took care of the cooking for me! I use an amazing cake lady who also made the cookie party favors. I planned a simple game of Pin the light saber on Yoda, make Yoda Soda and blew up about 80 balloons the morning of the party... Easy breezy. Let's party. I think the Force was with me!

She's ate up with Star Wars too... She runs around the house with a light saber ordering everyone to fight... she says, "Wawa fight!!"
I think they all had a great time at the party! No injuries!
Of all the games the boys loved the grabber game the best... don't understand, but they crammed into a corner and tried over and over to win the junk in the box!
The week after Hoots party, Nanna took him on a special outing just the two of them. He was so pumped to go. They had dinner and went shopping at the Lego store. He came home feeling pretty special.
His gift from us was a new bike now that he can ride without training wheels. So a new helmet was a must. His cousin B gave him the rebel helmet.
Tough Guy!


  1. It was a great party!! The grabber game...I was ready to pull the plug on it! lol. I don't believe there is a noisier game anywhere else on the planet!! Cute pics.

  2. Looks like a great party! I loved the STAR WARS treats!! Very unique! Hoot looks like he had a blast! I had to laugh because that grabber game is VERY POPULAR in our household too! The "catch" is that you will get something everytime, even if mom/dad gave you 25-50 cents to try your luck at winning a measly piece of bubblegum or worse a tiny tootsie roll!! The grabber always manage to "snag" a single piece of candy! It's a RACKET !! LOL!!! My4yr old act as if she won a HUGE lollipop when the little "ting" sound alerting her of her win!

  3. awesome cake ans treats....super party

  4. Looks like you hit a homerun with the party!!!

  5. The party looks GREAT. We are so sorry we missed it. That cake was AWESOME!!!

  6. Looks like a great party...why wasn't he very excited? Tee hee

    Happy 6 months. It does fly by huh? Libby really has a fiesty look about her, mixed in with all that cuteness