Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Capturing Life

I have so enjoyed the photography class I won a few weeks back. I have learned so much and it's hard to believe 4 weeks have flown by. Our final class meets this Thursday and I'm sad to say farewell. My kiddos (subjects) are not impressed with my images and are completely disgusted with moms camera. The Doll sees me coming with the camera and turns her eyes away. SAD:( Hoot just rolls his eyes at me... So I've volunteered neighbors and my other family members to be my subjects while I complete the class. I'm hoping to get better about catching my kiddos in natural everyday activities that don't require them to sit still while i fumble with the camera. It just takes practice. These are just a few images I want to share. I'm excited to begin The Art of Editing this Thursday!!! More to come and a Star Wars Birthday party post is soon to follow as well... we're always busy!

This photo is really dark, but I love his eyes! Sweet moment with daddy on the porch swing
This is my neice MS. B she brought her Daphne halloween costume and her pink cowboy hat for her "photo shoot". We told her she was a model and she knew how to pose. I don't know where she learned the moves... but she was all business!

More to come!!!


  1. Your photos are looking great! I have a workshop on my list to do when we get home. I love your niece and her poses - my daughter has that Daphne dress from Halloween years ago!

  2. These are fabulous!!! and your little niece surely can 'work' some poses...she's a natural! What a sweet smile.

    Enjoy your last class this week.


  3. Love the pic of Owen, such a great natural moment.....and about Ms.B - well what can be said, she is just naturally photogenic and such a priss! Love them kidos....we miss them all so much!

  4. You go girl!! You are doing great! Love the pics!! Hoot's eyes are so expressive! I love that angle!! As for your niece, she is a natural beauty!!