Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fun with The Peanuts

We spent our Labor Day weekend with The Peanuts at a local resort right out of town. It was a very relaxing retreat that was much needed. I told Kim I learned how to slow down and take it all in from the Peanut family. She laughed because she thinks she's strung pretty tight. We decided it's all perception... I'm usually in such a hurry to get from point A to point B and then on to point CD and E... that I miss out on just enjoying the time with my family. I know it's hereditary because I got it from my Dad and he caught it from his mom.... Lambert and I once did Disney with my Grandma. We made it through the MK in about an hour and a half. She had it mapped out and all planned. Lambert is a stroller.... Sally isn't. She's not 5ft tall and her little legs sprinted across that park faster than Lambert could believe. We still laugh about it. I sometimes feel like a drill Sargent... I'm the mom at the parks ordering my troops to "MOVE MOVE MOVE" Hoot is a stroller too, bless his heart. So the Peanuts really did teach me a valuable lesson that I will TRY to remember the next time we vacation... SLOW DOWN (Lambert is eternally grateful to the peanut family for this aha! moment they unveiled)
These are just a few of the moments I captured. I shot in Manual mode and they haven't been edited so please excuse the over/under exposure. My fingers are still fumbling and before I can get the settings adjusted my subjects have usually moved on... but I do think I captured the friendship and fun time we had this Labor Day weekend!

The Doll likes the Peanut Men...



We feel the same way, but we didn't want to eskimo kiss with Daddy Peanut


There was LIMBO

This little guy clearly won!!

There was also father and son bonding... The Peanuts got to see Hoot's mad atheltic skills all over the resort...


I want the Doll to spend more time with this sweetheart. I can only pray that a little of her gentleness and kindness might rub off on her. Kate is super sweet and Libbie is super spicy for sure. I've read about spicy girls from southern China, but didn't know exactlly what the term meant... i know now...

She can hold her own!!!

Then there is my Hoot... what can I say??? I madly love this little person God entrusted to me. He is just a special little man that makes my heart sing. The cut below his nose happend Sunday evening... our room was poolside so we left the glass door opened and pulled the screen door shut... Hoot walked right throug the screen door going pretty fast. He took the door off the track!! He suffered only minor injuries but his feelings were pretty hurt. It scared him to death!! Poor thing.

Sing sing sing!


  1. I laughed out loud at some of this....we enjoyed Hoot's mad athletic skills...they match mine!!!! I am so glad you got a nice photo of him because try as I might...I did not.

    LOVE the photos of Libbie and Dave are beyond precious!!! You are just lucky I did not post the ones of you and Dave nuzzling noses;) goe see what I wrote about you/Shirley!

    Thanks for all the sweet words. We just love hanging out with y'all. You are such good people:)

  2. Someday Hoot and Judoboy might be able to play a game of pool...but not too soon from our two lessons. We'll work on Oboball some more, first. Sorry you didn't want an Eskimo kiss, Shirley.