Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buckle Your Seatbelts

I've been away far too long. Much randomness to post! Getting ready for Halloween. Hoot wants to throw a neighborhood party...
I do not....

We'll buy more pumkins when we visit the punkin patach this Friday!!! Love love love pumkins of all sizes shapes and colors! I did pot the mums in the planter...

Dad and Karate Kid hanging the spiders!

hoots first time on the big ladder

They're up... were ready

Lights on!

We've been practicing with our costumes... Hoot is set on jumping from his tree house... which is way back on the side yard) to scare neighborhood children (which we don't usually have ANY treaters) when they come to the door. We usually go to a church fall fest or to another neighborhood to trick or treat. Our neighborhood is old and doesn't get a lot of traffic. Never the less Hoot is ready to scare some unsuspecting kiddos! PS... he's not wearing eye liner... I just got carried away in photo shop and haven't gone back to edit... hilarious...


Hoot has always loved having his face painted!!
The Doll is getting the hang of it...
Can't beleive she let me carry her when daddy was present... this doesn't happen often...

She still loves her daddy!
The following are the events that happen EVERYTIME I ask my children to smile for the camera... she is as bad as Hoot

He's always made this weird creepy smile when asked to pose... not good

This is her response to "SMILE!!!"
she looks away from the camera as well

I have better luck with the backside.. I love this little dress

We took Libbie to have her ears peirced last weekend... she has no idea what's about to happen...
doesn't she look relaxed??? They were soo good.

My AMAZINGLY WISE friend KIM (a peanut) told me to have a lollipop on standby and as soon as they pulled the trigger to put it in her mouth.. look what happens next...

It's almost in her mouth.... hang on
All done!! We wiped away two aligator tears and she was over it... my mom couldn't watch and kept waiting to hear her scream.. she never made a sound... the tears came, the lollipop was inserted and the tear ceased... Kim...you are awesome. I acutally purchased a bag of charms lollipops at Wallgreens... they were cheaper than buying two individuals... After Libbie had her ears pierced a sea of kids lined up to get theirs done. I must have passed out 6 lollipops to ill prepared parents...

We haven't had any problems with her ears.. she's never tugged at them or complained. They are precious!
I told you we've been practicing with costumes... Our home is villian proof with these two heros hanging around...

They like to fight each other too... notice her sword...

thats all for now folks... I had to catch up and now I'm heading to bed!


  1. Love your front doors, so festive. We want to do the ear piercing thing too...I'll remember the lollipop trick when we finally bite the bullet and get it done.

  2. What a great idea to practice with the costumes, we'll have to try that one out!!!

    Miss Grace still won't get her ear's pierced (afraid), even with my coaxing. You have a brave girl. :)

    Enjoy this fabulous season, love your wreaths on the doors btw!!

  3. The creepy smile pic and comment had me laughing out loud. I love the pics of the kids. It is a blessing to watch you guys grow as a family!!

  4. Your photos look GREAT! ANd I LOVE Libbie's earrings...they look So cute! SO glad the lollipop worked. It worked for KAte too.

    Kate asked about Libbie today. We miss y'all. Let's get together soon,

  5. Ahhh the tears!!! I couldn't watch my baby girl get her ears pierced. They are so unsuspecting and then BAM!! Glad to see the lollipop came in handy and she is having no trouble w/her ears! She looks beauitful as always!

    Love the shot of Hoot in the Batman costume!!

  6. You're my kind of girl. Mine get their ears pierced as soon as they get off the plane!!