Friday, October 21, 2011

The Grizwalds

We are officially the Grizwald Family. Last Friday we decided we would take the family to Dewberry Farms out past Katy. I charged the battery to the camera, dressed up the kiddos, packed the little red wagon,and we made our way to the pumpkin patch. We were ready for some fun on the farm and we were in hot pursuit of pumpkins!! Dewberry Farms has become an annual family outing. However, we usually go on Sunday afternoon. On our one hour (or so) voyage Libbie bit Hoot's finger (almost off). Why was his finger in her mouth? one might ask... good question. They can't keep their hands to themselves while buckled in their car seats... It's a constant nagging game and this time Hoot lost... we pulled over (in a not so great part of town)to take a look at his throbbing purple finger, and have a serious discussion with the chomping doll. I flashed to the scene from National Lampoons Vacation when the Grizwald family pulled over in the ghetto and Clark said, "Rollem up!"at the sound of gun fire. It was only a matter of time before we heard gun shots, but we promptly got back on the road to avoid any drama. Once we got on the farm to market road (where there are no gas stations or fast food restaurants) Hoot demanded that we stop before he tee tee'd in his pants... we were in Nowheresville... Lambert pulled over and Hoot proceeded to tee tee on the side of the road while Lambert took photos from the drivers seat... NICE!!! Finally we were back on the road and almost to our destination. As we approached the farm, I noticed there weren't miles and miles of cars in line. How great is this gonna be I thought... beautiful weather, no lines, great photos... as we got closer I realized the parking lot appeared empty... It was almost 5:0PM... "They must open at 5" Lambert said out loud... we pulled up to the LOCKED gate and just stared at the empty park... I flashed back to NLV again... The Grizlwalds finally made it to Wally World and the park was closed... I wanted to pull a Clark and cut the lock on the gate and go right in. I called the farm and a very nice lady informed me... the park closed at 3:00PM and would open again Saturday morning! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!?!?! We sat there for a long time dazed and confused. Hoot was yelling from the backseat... "closed... are you sure?..this is the worst day ever. what are we going to do now? can we come back? I could see the rage in Lambert's eyes... we sat very still and silent. He is a planner. We rarely do things spur of the moment. He prepares and thinks things through. He almost always has a plan B... I wanted to say, "what are we going to do now Sparky?" but I wasn't sure he wouldn't kick me out of the truck... There was no plan B.. we had been in the truck for almost 2 hours at this point. The kids were on each others nerves and on our nerves. The only thing that was missing was the dead grandmother strapped to the roof of our truck. We got back on the road and headed towards Houston. Lambert recovered and truly made the best of a bad situation. We stopped at Houston's BEST Pizza place and then found a local pumpkin patch. Happy weekend from the Grizwalds!


Here we go with the awkward family smiles...

This is the only decent photo I got and it's blurry

Libbie pulled at her pigtail while we were eating and broke the band... she also managed to get oil in her hair so it was really looking cute once it was time for photos... I don't know what she's doing, but this was her pose for the evening. I had to work with it.


He physically can't make a normal smile upon request... it's not in him



The pumkins were beautiful. it was so hard to choose.. We had 10 minutes as they were closing!!

These were the tools I purchased to carve our pumkins.

Lambert came home with this...

Hoot begged for ear protection...SAFETY FIRST :)

Then he put on his ninja head gear..

We were looking good when we decided to carve our pumkins.. Libbie passed on the pumkin guts... she made a princess instead.
We're having a pumkin carving party with friends tomorrow so we'll have more pumkins to display.


  1. made me laugh out loud, love that movie and we always compare ourselves to it! Hope next year goes a little better!

  2. I am so sorry this happened to y'all. But you know it is one of those things that you can laugh about now. You will always look back and say...remember that year when we drove allt he ay out here and it was closed?! And best pizza in Houston??? Where is that?

    Y'all need to come over SOON!