Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Computer Crashed AGAIN!!!

I've tried posting this a couple times. I have no photos to post :( because our computer is down again. I started this post a couple days ago.

It's feeling like fall today in Houston. I can't pull the sweaters out, but I didn't break a sweat drinking my coffee on the front porch today. The fall decorations are out, the halloween costumes are purchased, and we are ready for fall! We made a trip to Dallas over the weekend and it was too cold for Hoot to swim... sign that summer is officially OVER! I can't wait to share the treasure I found while shopping in Dallas. The little shop I found is called The Red Shed.. they have a blog too We nosed around there garden as the shop was closed... I stumbled upon the sweetest two seater swing... I called Monday when I got back home and purchased it over the phone. they are going to hold it for me until I can pick it up...(story of my life) I can't wait to get it home. My sister and I took a long drive around the lake and I longed for a lake house. I sooooo want to be on the water some day... for now I can dream.

We've had virus after virus with this PC and can't seem to keep it running for more than a month or so... may be time to trade in.

Hope you have a blessed weekend. I have many photos to post when I get my old PC back!

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