Monday, January 23, 2012

Dr. Kevin Leman

9780800719029 If you ever have the opportunity to hear Dr. Kevin Leman speak...don't miss it! Dr. Leman has been at our church speaking on marriage, children, "perfection" etc. We have been in stitches and in tears. I have read a couple of his books and loved them. He is an awesome Godly man with so much wisdom to share. We left last night so encouraged and Lambert and I talked into the early hours this morning. Dr. Leman asked us to think about the kindest thing our spouse had ever done for us... and then to share it with them later that evening. It's funny how I had forgotten what Lambert thought was the most special thing I had ever done for him. Likewise the most special things he had done for me didn't seem that big to him. It's the little things we do for our spouses that matter so much. Dr. Leman talked about "winning in marriage" some of us keep score and want to one up the other. For instance if Lambert told someone we went to the movies last Friday, and it was really Saturday, I don't need to interupt and correct him." I hear couples do this often and to tell you the truth we used to do that early in our marriage. Neither win, when were constancly correcting and pointing out flaws in each other. I can't wait to go back this evening to hear about having a new kid by Friday... I've read this book and boy did it work with Hoot. Dr. Leman offers pratical biblical truths for raising kiddos. If you're at your witts end with arguing and repeating yourself over and over... this is a must read. My sweeties! DSC_8641 DSC_8643 Blessings, SAL

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  1. Great Smile on Hoot! and of course the Doll to but she is always smiling. I know you struggle to get Hoot to smile naturally for pictures. so cute on both of them!