Thursday, January 5, 2012

Favorite Holiday Photos

I'm just posting some random photos I took the month of December. I'm working with Photoshop CS5 and a few actions that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I've been so inspired lately. I haven't put the camera down and I stay up ALL NIGHT editing. I look like a zombie and feel like one too. Were ALL hitting the sack by 9:00 tonight (kids 8:30). Happy New Year Copy of DSC_7481 Copy of DSC_7629 Bad glare on Papa's face, but I love this shot Copy of DSC_7607 Beautiful friends Copy of DSC_7593 Copy of DSC_7623 Copy of DSC_7619 Copy of DSC_7614 Copy of DSC_7566 Copy of DSC_7492 Copy of DSC_7515 Hoot has the VERY best Grinch voice EVER Copy of DSC_7502 Copy of DSC_7589 DSC_7651 I finally learned how to save edited photos in a JPEG so I can post. I love this one of the WAWA. I haven't figured out indoor lighting without natural sunlight, but I'm working on it. DSC_7949


  1. you are doing awesome with all the pics! I took Lisa's class, and I really need to practice what I learned, and I should look into photoshop...I also dont think you could ever get bad pics of those two darling kiddos of yours!! xo

  2. They look fabulous Shelley! I have been collecting little surprises for you and the doll this week to bring you next week. Call em when you can. Thinking of y'all.

  3. Beautiful, Shelley!! You're rockin' that camera!
    I think shooting indoors in the Winter is a hard one using just natural light. I sometimes have to use my flash which is not my favorite.

    Happy Friday!

  4. Love the grinch face and the love on her face as she squeezes big bro. priceless!