Friday, January 13, 2012

Round Two

Were 6 weeks down and 12 to go. The second surgery was a success and our Doll did much better with the second surgery. She is recovering and has had minimal pain. I was blessed to have my mom and dear friend with me during her surgery. Lambert is working six days a week now and could not leave the shop... I thought owning a business would come with with all the time off perks... not so much (well not in this economy) so I was afraid I was going to be alone at the hospital. I am a very blessed gal. My mom came down to help with Hoot and she was able to be there with me and Kim came just beofre the surgery and was able to stay for breakfast. (thank you for the treats) The hours seemed to race by. We had a wonderful visit and I'm convinced this is the year I will get serious about my health and well being. Kim is such an encourager and so very very wise. Libbie came out of surgery around 1:00PM and didn't go to sleep until midnight!!! She just couldn't go to sleep. Her pain was under control and the next morning she was back to herself. She was ready to go! We were discharged by 10:30AM and on our way home. I want to thank the staff at Shriners again. It's just an amazing place. If you ever want to make a charitable donation just know that Shriners are serving children worldwide. So, were home and recovering. She chose a camo cast this time... I wasn't sure, but I think it's pretty cute! Checking in... aren't these gowns the cutest? Volunteers sew them. DSC_8479 DSC_8490 DSC_8493 She found a kitchen in the playroom prior to surgery. She was busy cooking breakfast for any takers! Her favorite thing to say is, "are you hungy?" The correct response is "yes I am" and then she will prepare a culinary masterpeice for your dining pleasure. DSC_8507 These photos are terrible but I have to share. The lighting was awful. DSC_8520 DSC_8519 DSC_8524 It was time to roll.. our nurse said Libbie was a very happy "Drunk" She was in rare form! DSC_8537 DSC_8532 The finished product... DSC_8557 Her left foot looks great! You can really see the contour and it looks perfect. She will fit into braces nicely when it's all said and done AND she'll be able to wear normal tennis shoes and or mary janes... no sandals in her near future, but were thankful we won't have to special order orthotic shoes anymore. Thank you thank you for all your prayers and support! We are so very blessed!


  1. oh sweet precious Girl...what a little trooper!! I personally think her camo cast is fantastic!! Libbie knows style!! I love that Kim was able to come and visit, I know what you mean about Kim being wise, I would LOVE to sit and chat with her over coffee one day..and YOU too!! Sending BIG hugs to Libbie from Lucy and I!! oh..and YAY!!!! to no more orthotic shoes!!! Lots more choices :) now!!

    1. Dawn---you are so sweet. How fun would the 3 of us have together?! Come to TEXAS! Lucy , Libbie and Katerwould have a blast too:)

  2. oh i'm lovin' the pink camo cast! Too cool! Y'all will need to go shooting again while she is sportin' the camo

  3. Oh how I love that little Libbie. I was so thrilled to be able to be there for you. I am anytime . Glad to hear she is doing better this round. Was going to call to check on y'all today in fact. Hope the weekend is okay. Let me know if you need anything:)