Sunday, June 23, 2013

Strawberry Shortcakes

I have had a love connection with strawberries from as early as I can remember. I actually recall my mom and great grandmother loading me up in a blue Volkswagen station wagon (with rubber flooring and no air conditioning) and driving to an Amish owned strawberry patch near our home in Florida. We would pick fresh berries and tote them home in the little wooden fruit crates. My dad was stationed in Homestead Florida for a short stint and I have very fond memories of that time in my life. It's amazing the things I can recall. I can remember driving to the strawberry patch and seeing the Amish, maybe Mennonite people helping us. They also served AMAZING elephant ears and cinnamon rolls. I also remember loving the song Fly Like An Eagle by The Steve Miller Band. It must have been on the pop charts because it seemed like I heard it all the time. We would lay out in the sun by the kiddie pool (probably minus any sunscreen) eating our strawberries and I would wonder what the song meant... fly like an eagle... time keeps on slippin slippin slippin... I just know I liked it and still do. Great great memories. Okay back to strawberries. So my Grandma Sally always made the best ever strawberry shortcake. Really she made everything the best...It wasn't until adulthood that I truly appreciated her recipes. I'm not a fan of the traditional angel food cake or the pre-made round sponge cakes sold in grocery stores. I like a flaky biscuit soaked in fresh sweet cream topped with homemade whip cream and the sweetest strawberries ever. (because they've been soaked in sugar chilling in the refrigerator for hours before serving). My grandmother ruined me. She is the best cook ever and I can remember her serving up strawberry shortcakes on a beautiful plate and always with her best silver. I might be a food snob. So today, I lovingly served my family a favorite recipe and they will NEVER know how easy it is to prepare. They just know their mom is the best cook ever. (for today, that will change tomorrow) Hoot told me the meal I prepared today was EPIC... he even ate the shrimp. Maybe we are turning a corner.




1 package bisquick biscuit mix (prepare per package instructions)
fresh strawberries cut and soaked in sugar (i use Equal or Splenda)for at least 2 hrs
pour 1 pint half and half over the strawberries
spoon berries over biscuits and pour half and half mixture to your liking
top with fresh whip cream (sweetened)


  1. Oh yum!!!!!! That looks delicious. You photos are gorgeous too. But because I love y'all so much...... Use real sugar though as Splenda and Equal are SOOOOOOO BAD for your health!!!

  2. Love summer strawberries and strawberry shortcake. I will have to try your version! {Love your photography, btw!}

  3. Don't you just love how somethings (songs, smells or sights) dwelve up such GREAT MEMORIES!! I was just on the phone w/my Aunt on yesterday and told her "it's not always the BIG THINGS you remember as the kids, but the subtle small ones"! What brought about this conversation was on yesterday as we were leaving Church, we parked along a fence covered w/blackberries near the bottom of the fence! It brought back memories of how we as kids always plucked those berries from the fence DESPITE repeated rumors of "those berries draw snakes"! CRAZY THING IS...I'M SOOOO AFRAID OF SNAKES....but these "little things" seemed at the time "WORTH EVERY RISK"!! My mom would clean them off thouroughly and sprinkle them w/sugar and let them chill in the refrigerator. Once chilled and sweetened my little sister and I would take them out to our little makeshift playhouse in our backyard and eat until our hearts content!! My mother would be in the kitchen window (that looked out into the backyard) shouting w/a smile ...."Don't yall eat too many of those berries, or else you are gonna get a BAD TUMMYACHE!!

    Those days were some of my best memories of my dearly departed Mother!

    Thank for the recipe!! I'm soooo gonna try this!!