Saturday, June 29, 2013

Confessions of A Craigslist Junkie The first step is to admit or find enabling friends.... I like option 2

victoria elizabeth barnes click on this link to read the story!

I am a stalker on Craigslist... There I said it. So much of my furnishings, accessories, rugs etc. have come from CL. Judge if you will, I don't care. I've driven 5 hours to pick up a french daybed sight unseen. Okay when I saw it I should have returned home without it, but I didn't... It now lives on my front porch (Sandford and Son style) until I can haul it off. With that being said I have scored AMAZING deals on my beloved CL... I love this story and it reminds me so much of me. My sister sent it to me and I was literal laughing out loud. Poor Lambert can detect the look in my eye when I'm on the prowl... It's a running joke in my family.

See this... yep scored on CL... would have cost me over $3000 at RH... It was less than 1 year old purchased by a young physician living in the medical center who sadly (boo-hoo) had to relocate and didn't want to move... I picked it up immediately~!! Well.. Lambert picked it up immediately while I jumped for joy.


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  1. I need you help please!!!!! We have spent all weekend at PB and Quatrine looking for a new couch!!! Cannot believe you found this!!! I am jealous girl! Oh and you never called me back either:0)