Friday, July 19, 2013

Juicing and The Littles


My children happen to be the pickiest eaters on earth. Libbie didn't start out that way, but Hoot brain washed her and now she hates any thing that even resembles nutritious. I must admit they have been little troopers with our food experimenting we've been up to, but I know we can do better.  I've been researching juicers for about a year now and playing with the idea of purchasing one. I'll probably be just like the other wannabe juicers that went out and purchased one...only to watch it collect dust in the pantry, but for now were giving it a go. I've got all the tricky juice/smoothy recipes and tomorrow were headed to the farmers market for a little field trip...  Tonight for dinner I served carrot, apple and orange juice. I made the mistake of adding water because I thought it seemed too sweet. I should have left Mother Nature alone she knows what she's doing... It was a little weak and not nearly as sweet as just the pure juice. The kids reluctantly drank it, but made really ugly faces as they choked it down. Lambert liked the juice the friendly folks at William Sonoma served, but he thinks they tricked us.  It was so sweet and yummy. I think everything in WS is better than reality. It smells wonderful, looks wonderful. It appeals to all my senses. I leave there wanting to be a better homemaker. Back to my point...I'll know next time not to add the water and I think we'll be fine.  I snapped this picture of The Doll tonight. She is getting too big too fast. Those deep black eyes are so mysterious.

It's been raining here a lot... I'm hoping tomorrow it's dry so we can head to our happy place when daddy gets home from work. (The Beach!) The sky has been absolutely gorgeous all week. The clouds are beautiful when it's not raining and the lighting shows have been amazing at night. i'm hoping to get some great pics of Hoot and Lambert wade fishing. We fished last weekend and Hoot caught 4 fish all by himself. He was so proud. I think we have a little angler on our hands. He's begging to go back and he wants a yacht. We live near the water and we like to eat at a little whole in the wall cafe. It's on the water and next door there is a yacht dealership. There is a yacht that Hoot likes named The Gemini. It's been for sale for about a year. Every time we go by the cafe, Hoot asks if were ready to buy the Gemini. Last time we went there was a little 17 foot Boston Whaler fishing boat docked nearby. Lambert told Hoot we might be able to afford a boat like the Whaler and Hoot said, "are you kidding me, why bother?" He lives in the same fantasy land as his mother. It's The Truman curse. Go big or don't go!

I 'd love to hear your experiences with juicing and ways to make your kiddos love it!



  1. I haven't delved into the juicing world yet, but I hear it's one of the very best ways to cure everything. My aunt is a genius at it and said she and her husband had a few little naggy health issues going on. She knew they needed to juice to help them start feeling better, and she was right! I just haven't bitten the bullet and purchased a juicer yet. Hope to hear good things from you. :)

  2. Okay know I juice... Be careful with the kiddos. The books say start in SMALL doses or watered down as it will cause them some bowel issues. Juicing makes me feel great. And skinny too. It is just time consuming and spend. But I have definitely gotten my $$ worth out of mine. I juice often.