Monday, July 1, 2013

A Chance To Dance


I think The Doll is finding herself. For the longest she has been Hoot's shadow. She does what he does and plays what he plays. She belongs with him. It's a beautiful relationship really. She adores him and that makes him feel special. He includes her in his world of Lego fantasy and that makes her feel special. It's a win win... However, lately she's wanted to play Lego Friends instead of Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lone Ranger, Batman, Spider man and the list goes on, you get the picture. If you don't have littles you may not be familiar with the new Lego craze for girls. The folks at Lego are genius. Libbie LOVES Lego Friends and so does her cousin Miss B. I don't think they would have given Friends a second glance had it not been for their very cool and much older brother/cousin Hoot, aka Lego Master Builder (at least in his mind). The girls build right alongside Hoot which amazes me that Legos hold their attention. I never liked Legos as a kid and thought it was just for nerdy boys. I still think it is:) I'm happy to have a nerdy boy and fully own it.

Some time back I posted that my sweet girl was busted playing dolls in her room. I was absolutely blown away. She roll plays and talks to her babies like I talk to her only in a meaner stepmotherish voice (think Cinderella). I overheard her tell her baby that if she didn't stop whatever she was doing she was going give her a pow pow and lock her in her room for a long long time... she then proceeded to toss her baby across the floor...I've never done this by the way. I hope she doesn't talk this way at school. She will probably need therapy right along with Hoot when she's an adult.

Libbie has found herself a little groove too... many layers of Libbie are being revealed day by day. On one covert mission I watched her from the hallway dance and twirl in front of the mirror on her closet door. She looked so cute with her little leg stuck out to the side as she twirled around in circles. Her tiny arms were poised just so and she even took a bow when she completed her spin. Several of her friends take dance and she's asked me about it on different occasions. Any time music is playing she grabs my hand (for balance) and proceeds to shake her flat behind until she almost falls over. She always, without fail ends her performances by giving me the nod to give her a spin, and I do!

I've thought about enrolling her in classes but it would take a special instructor with an open mind and sense of humor about her differntability. ( I love this cutting edge medical term). No longer will I call her condition a disability. It's just a differentability. She can do anything I do- just different and there is beauty in that. And the girl wants to dance. I love that she has that desire in her heart. She has so much life and joy inside that it overflows to those around her and that brings me joy. I worry that she will get hurt or get her feelings hurt when she doesn't dance like the other girls. I'm the chronic worrier you know. On our last visit to Shriners ( I love that place), we met a new Occupational Therapist that recently opened a dance studio for children with special needs. Her studio is called A Chance to Dance. All of the instructors are trained in occupational therapy and have a heart for children with differntabilities. We don't start until the fall but I am pee my pants excited for this opportunity. It's a haul from our house... like over an hour drive and it's on Saturdays...our one free day of rest... BUT this is soooo worth it. I can not wait to see my girl in pink tights and a tutu. (she probably won't wear the tutu but a mom can hope).

I overheard her tell Hoot this evening that she can like Legos and Barbies. We haven't purchased Barbies yet (not sure where I stand on that) but I love that she is realizing she can have her own interests and identity and still play cool with her big brother. My girl is finding her way to herself and that makes my heart overflow with pride.

Just look at these moves....


  1. I LOVE the term "differentiability". I am so so so happy that Libbie will be able to do this. I cannot wait to tell Kate! She is going to be SO happy for her best friend. Please call me.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh I can't WAIT to see the beautiful pics of Ms Libbie dancing!!! What a wonderful studio for kids with "differentiabilities"> That is one of the MOST AWESOME ideas I have EVER HEARD OF! I hope they open more studios like this all over the country. BEAUTIFUL CONCEPT INDEED!!!