Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eating Healthy and My Life on The Plantation

We've been on the healthy eating experiment for a little over a month now. My kiddos have actually adapted quite well. They did have a meltdown today over gummy snacks on isle 4... I thought we were going to need to call for a clean up on isle 4, but they pulled it together and I didn't have to use any physical force to remove them from the shelving. I think it was the Monsters U character on the box that really turned them on, but I promised to let them choose a healthy alternative and not to beat them when we got home if they would proceed to another isle with me. Thankfully for all involved they complied. They each picked out a mini size Haagen-dazs ice cream and onlookers didn't have to witness a worn out mother ready for school to start lose her mind on isle 4.

So eating healthy and juicing is apparently trendy and expensive which usually means one thing for this girl... New addiction. All the latest blogs I come across are all about the healthy life. I trade one addiction for the next and have found myself googling healthy recipes and shopping at trendy markets almost every day. I'm loving the farmers market and loving organic juicing. I feel better than ever. Now with that being said, this whole healthy lifestyle could turn on a dime once Starbucks rolls out the Christmas brew. I'll be back to stalking our local Starbucks and hopefully replacing my usual 7 Equals for a healthier alternative (Stevia). It's nowhere close to my beloved Equal, but it does the trick and I don't use near as much. I've been mixing it with Agave too.

It probably doesn't help my new clean eating addiction when I linger at blogs like this:
All Things Farmer

If I wasn't married I would definitely be interested in this guy. He loves to cook and farm, he's a snazzy dresser (really snazzy southern boy) and has a flare for arranging fresh hydrangeas from his garden. He's also published numerous books on fantastic living which definitely makes him marriage material. I feel pretty certain if I were single... he would not be interested in me for one reason or another, but if he was.... After I depart from his blog, I pretend I live on a Southern Plantation and that I have help and that my kids are dressed in linen day dresses and seersucker with bow ties and I sit on my front porch sipping Equal sweetened iced tea and eating pimento cheese sandwiches that Farmer boy just whipped up for me. If Lambert reads this he will surely be sick, especially if he visits Farmer Boys site. Lambert refuses to wear seersucker no matter how many times I've snuck them into his closet. I've tried button down shirts, shorts, slacks, you get the picture. Farmer Boy rocks the seersucker. So if you're thinking about clean eating and fine living, or cute young guys in seersucker, stop by his blog or pick up one of his books. You're sure to be inspired, unless your my husband.


I was so inspired I ran right out to the market to buy an organic local young chicken and all the ingredients to whip up a batch of chicken salad, recipe courtesy of Farmer Boy. And Libbie is so wearing a day dress tomorrow...


  1. LOVE you! You need to pack a wooden spoon in your purse...just in case. ;)

  2. Hi, never commented before although I have followed your blog FOREVER!!!

    But your last few posts have been so great, funny, interesting, I felt I had to stop by and say hi.

    My name is Debbie, I live in Scotland UK with my hubby Mark and our little girl Gracie (3 years old) who we adopted when she was 11 weeks.

    My blog is private but if you would like to have a peek, please email me

    Would love you to stop by!!!!

    1. Aweee. thank you Debbie! I'm trying to up my writing skills and apply myself a little more. I'm usually a lazy blogger, but I've felt a little inspired and humorous as of late. I think I worried about what others would think or that I had to write in a certain "stuffy" style before. I'm learning that this blog is for me and my creativity so I'm feeling freer when I write! Blessings and thanks for following. I will definitely stop by your blog!

  3. I totally agree ( as I told you the other day). You have found your voice in these las few posts. So funny! Oh and guess who got a seersucker sport coat last week @ thenBrooks Brother outlet?

  4. If I were only younger I would be after that Will!@!! Gorgeous and superb taste... okay that may be weird... I don't think of Will like that at all.... But he does have great taste!!!

    1. You made me laugh and I would have to say "get in line girl!"


  5. LOVE that last pic, I want that pot and all your utensils!!:)