Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Catching Up

The Littles are at Nana's this morning so I had a minute to go through our 4th of July Pics. I'm about to head out the door to shoot a TWINS newborn session, (boy and girl) CAN'T wait, but wanted to post a few pics from our 4th. Lambert always amazes me by his awesomeness... He doesn't get much time off so we aren't able to take long trips, but we sure have packed in the day trips this summer. We spent the 4th at a great little resort in The Woodlands. Just a one nighter! It worked out perfectly because my mamma to be went into labor the next day and Lambert had to be back to work Friday. We had a great time swimming until little Hoot got sick. Poor guy. I'm not sure what he had, but when my kids don't want to swim... something is wrong. It's soooo HOT in Houston and the only thing we want to do in our spare time is get in water... anywhere we can find it. I wish we had a pool but I don't see that happening any time soon, so we go where there is water. On our way home we stopped in to visit friends in Houston for a quick dinner, and a few sparklers. We didn't stay long because as much as Hoot wanted to play and participate, he just couldn't. Libbie played with her BFF and loved every minute of the party. We headed home and crashed before the fireworks ever began!




Libbie better marry a man with broad shoulders because that's her favorite place to be!!
We love the sweet Peanuts and are so thankful for their friendship!

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  1. Hope that HOOT is feeling better today and I can't wait to see SNEAKS of the TWINS!! Happy WEDNESDAY TO YOU!

    PS Love the picture of Libbie and Will!!!