Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back To School

Well it's here folks... school officially commences tomorrow morning for the Hootster. He is ready too. He was in bed by 8:15 and asleep by 8:30PM.(not really he is still awake, i just thought he was asleep) The backpack is loaded, pencils sharpened, folders labeled and our boy is ready for first grade. i love back to school. I love the newness of the crayola crayons and the bright and shiny folders. I love the smell of a new back pack... I love it all. I think it's more fun for me than it is for him. August is a big month for Hoot. His birthday is next week so we'll have a family birthday party. Labor Day were heading to a resort and then the next weekend we'll celebrate his birthday with a fun Star Wars party with all his friends from school. He's getting so big and I must share some his latest and greatest funny quotes.. we got his hair cut earlier this week and the girl that cut his hair told him he had grown so much since the last time she had seen him (it's been a while since they butchered it last time. I boycotted for a while but he begged to go back and I caved) She told him she remembered that he liked pirates and Thomas the train way back when... he responded, "not anymore lady, I'm into aliens and robots and my birthday is next week if you want to put it on a list." She asked him what he wanted for his birth day and he responded, "I really need a whip so I can whip my mom around the front yard when she needs it" ???? He told me earlier this week that he needed more servants because I wasn't helping him out enough. He's had a baby sitter since he was born that was at his beckon call... when I decided to stay home we had to let her go... he said she was a much better servant than me and that I needed to hire some help for him. But this is the greatest... we played a game with a friend in the car on the way home from the museum... the question was... Hoot, if you could have any car you wanted on your 16th birthday what would it be?? He gave it serious thought and then said, "If I could have any car it would have to be a minivan!!" We both busted out laughing. She asked why a minivan and he said because they have doors that open and close by themselves like a robot! He is my kiddo. I dreamed of a station wagon and he wants a minivan. I love Hoot! Seriously,we are working diligently on manners, respect, self control and gratitude. I know I could use help in these areas, but I want my children to exhibit positive behavior in all these areas. A smarty pants 7 year old is not so cute and we feel it is our God given responsibility to mold our children into the adults we want them to become. Good kids don't just happen, it's work!! So daily we work on instilling positive life lessons with him. (Libbie too, but she's still working on the language.) We are looking forward to this school year and what God has in store for us. I am so thankful to be home with them and can't wait for all that First grade has in store for us! Blessings to you and your kiddos too!

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