Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Worn Out!

I've been working on this post for over a week now. CRAZY. I'm dropping balls like crazy and can't seem to get it together. My home PC crashed so I'm using the laptop. I can't upload photos from Flickr on the laptop for whatever reason so I've not been inclined to post. I am alive just trying to juggle everything and not doing a good job at anything.

I am a worrier by nature. I worry about almost everything. I know it's a sin. I worry about things I have absolutely no control over and I worry about things that probably won't ever happen. I have had a lot on my plate these last few weeks and I'm having a difficult time turning it over to God. I pray about it and let it go... but then I find myself taking it back from him and worrying about it all over again. Makes me tired! So there ya go.. a little tidbit of transparency from Hoot's Mom.

Moving right a long... we continue to be very busy... I can't believe summer is fleeting and school is upon us in just a few short weeks. I'm ready for a routine, but not ready for all that comes with school starting.... homework, piano practice and waking Hoot for school in the mornings. UGH! We are not morning peeps at our casa (excluding Lambert... he is soooo a morning person) Hoot on the other hand is not ready for school to start. He is enjoying all that summer offers. He told me this has been the best summer ever. He has made friends with a neighborhood little boy and they are insuperable. It's really been too hot to play outdoors during the day so we try to head out after dinner and let him meet up. They ride bikes, hang out in Hoot's fort and oddly enough talk a lot.. Were not sure what all they talk about, but they can sit for an hour and just talk. They share some of the same interests in Star Wars, Legos and comic books and they both have vivid imaginations. It's been good for him.

I can't believe how long it's taking me to post, but I'm just flat worn out. This weekend were all taking sinus medicine. I think we have the summer cold!
Hoot had golf camp last week. He loved it. Can't wait to go back next year. it was way to hot for me. He was worn out when he got home but said it was awesome. Here are a few photos I've manged to post.

It was sooo hot.

I think he liked the golf cart rides the best.

Libbie didn't like golf camp.. too hot


Fun with cousin B

We've been to Dallas too. We tried out the Gaylord... Very nice.. Lots of swimming. The two fish loved it!

Must eat at Babes when in the Dallas area... so yummy

The Doll eats her shirts when she's tired
She's eating her shirt as I type this post. time for bed!

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  1. Oh me and you are BOTH worriers then. I couldn't have typed it better. I continually ask God to strengthen me in my Faith. School starts here in a couple of weeks as well (Aug 22) and I'm preparing my pre-schooler for pre-k. She loves school (she attended a pre-k 3 at another school) , however, she does not like change. Hopefully I have prepared her well about her new school/friends. I love the picture of the kids, especially of The Doll eating her shirt. My girl does that too!

    I gotta try the restaurant you suggested in Dallas. We are always in Dallas!!

    That Hoot is A HOOT in that "pic"!

    Wishing you a restful week!