Monday, August 22, 2011

Around The House

Now that school is back in session I can focus my attention on a few housekeeping items. I've started a couple DIY projects, an online class and we bought a new piece of furniture. I SWORE I would never EVER do it, but I did it... we purchased a sectional for our family room. I LOVE it ( i know it has no eternal value and love is probably too strong of a word, but i do like it A LOT). Lambert has wanted a sectional since we first married and I firmly refused. I could only imagine the poly blend blue velvet sectional with cup holders and reclining ends.. Sorry if you have this, but I just could not go there... I've always been a form over function kinda gal. However, now that we are a family of four... function is good and I do enjoy snuggling up on the sofa for movie night. The sectional was a good choice and it fits our family room perfect. It's very comfortable and it looks great in the room. I purchased 6 windsor chairs off craigslist last year and have wanted to paint them a robins egg blue for a while. Well I'm fully committed now. I painted one and I love the color, but I don't love the finish... streaky and grainy. I may have to take them to a professional to finish. I thought it would be an easy project and I've read so many blogs that make it look easy!! I don't know what I did, but it's a mess. I also started a photography class with Lisa at Boy have I learned a TON of great information about my camera and basic photography. The class is called Get Out of the Auto Zone... she is an amazing teacher and I HIGHLY recommend her if you're looking to improve your shooting skills. I've also started my quiet times again. I can't express how much better my day goes by spending a few quiet minutes in the word each morning. My whole perspective is different and I'm a lot less anxious. I've also been working a lot with the Doll... she is such a smart little cookie, but she is hard headed too! I am trying to teach her colors and it's like she is intentionally not learning.... She picks up on most everything and her English is amazing, but when we review colors or play color games she just won't repeat or retain what I tell her. I'm praying for patience, but I am running out!!! I don't think I could home school... Anyone else have this problem???
Don't pay any attention to the laundry on the table behind the sofa... always laundry to be folded and ironed! I get more done if I bring it to the table and put it away promptly.




  1. Love it!! Only you could make a sectional look like it belonged.

  2. I'm a form over function girl myself and it drives Mike crazy! But I do have one question for you. White??!! It wouldn't last a day in our house! Looks great though.

  3. Love the sectional!!!!!!

    Have you looked at chalk paint? Miss Mustard seed writes about it and it is supposedly the bomb. I have some projects I want to do too. Maybe you could help me make some decisions?

    Hope y'all are well.

  4. You've totally inspired me! I have been thinking about getting some ASCP for a while and hearing your story has won me over :)

    I loved reading your post - you are so honest and it makes me want to blog more because I get caught up in thinking I need to be more together in my blog posts (not that you're not but you are just so real!)

    Thanks for inspiring me to get that paint and I'm thinking that sectional might be what we should get for our family room - except with the two puppies they would be so dirty all the time! Love the kids table as a coffee table!

    xo ellie