Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Grade

Hoot finally went to sleep last night and woke up chipper and ready for his first day. The morning routine went great and we safely delivered him to the first grade classroom. He's ready to see old friends and make new friends. We're super excited that his kinder teacher moved up with the class. The kids knew just what to do when they arrived. They each put up their backpacks, sat down at their appointed desk and began their writing assignment. I'm sure the new kids will follow right along. This is sure to be a great year!

Ready Mom!

Fantastic First Grade!

He's spelling wow with his mouth and fingers (he learned this skill at VBS)

I love rules~

Hoot and Daddy checked out the classroom earlier this week. He loved it!

so did the doll. she thought she was staying with Hoot this morning...
Happy Back to School.
I am super excited to start my photography class this evening. I can't wait to take better photos of the littles. the shots I got of Hoot at home this morning were a disaster! we may have a make up session tomorrow.


  1. My first grader starts on Mon. So jealous of hoot getting the same teacher, that would have been perfect in our situation. Our girl remains a little nervous, same as last yr. It will pass and she will love it. Happy new school year.

  2. Happy School Year Hoot!! I can't wait to see all you learned in Lisa's class!! I'm so excited for you!!