Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!! 2011

WE started out for an early dinner in Galveston and then came home for some family Wii... at 8:30 i was in my jammies and ready for bed. We did somehow manage to make it to midnight. Chef Daddy Lambert made is sigature waffles and I made some crispy bacon. I think we were all in bed at 12:01AM and asleep before it was 12:02...

DSC_4300 YUMMY!!

Lego Love

Bring on 2011. We are excited for what God has in store for our family. We are eager to meet Libbie and finally bring our daughter home. It's hard to believe that 2010 passed so quickly. At times I thought a week would never come, but when I look back, they came and went in a blink of an eye. In 2011, I want to spend more time with God. I want to know his voice intimately. I know this means slowing down and spending more time in his word and just being still. I want to spend more time enjoying my family. So often, I find myself racing from one chore to the next or spending way too much time in front of this computer!!! (an hour passes at warp speed when I get online... am I alone??). This week we have so enjoyed our family time together. We have played the Wii (which I was not in favor of purchasing) till all hours of the night, ( I am the high scoring record holder in bowling...) we've watched movies, laid around, played with Hoots Nascar track and.... BUILT COUNTLESS LEGOS!!!!!!! He has quite a collection on display in our family room for all to admire. He's taken on several Lego projects all to himself and he's done pretty darn good.

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