Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Night

So last night Lambert and I had an awesome date night. Our church hosted a Married Life Live event. Childcare was provided!!! We had adult conversation (always nice), fellowship with friends, entertainment and bbq! It was a great night and much needed. We've (I've) been so consumed with preparing for our China trip, running around like a mad woman, that a night off was just what the doctor ordered. We are so thankful for the new friendships we've established. Last night I heard something that hit me. The entertainers were a couple from Tyler that shared their testimony with us. It was fun and life applicable. Anyway, the husband shared that he kept filling himself with "things" he desired, money, fame, material possessions, vacations (he didn't go into detail) but he didn't feel full until he emptied himself of himself and started pouring into the lives of others. I sometimes get caught up in me... what can I get? What do I need, how can I be served? I could go on... but when I feel the most satisfied is when I give, serve love, invest in others. You would think it's the other way around, but it's not. I can sit back and admire all that I have and feel utterly empty and long for more. When I look outward and do and give to others (the way God intended) it's an amazing feeling of joy and satisfaction. I forget about my needs when I see that I can meet the "true NEEDS" of others. I wish I could master this lifestyle, but the "me" in me always seems to creep back up and I start finding ways to satisfy that need to feel full... am I alone?


This is how Lambert felt about posing for the fun photos!!

At the end of the night we picked up Hoot and took him on the hay ride. It was too cold for Hoot's mom so I stayed back and took photos! BURRRR

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  1. We missed the hayride....Emily pitched one of her signature fits and slapped her Daddy! :)
    Great picture of you and Lambert and I love the other ones!!!