Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Last Wait... and the never ending question...

Orphan No MORE!!!! We are so excited to meet our precious daughter! This is Why China....

2010 was a year of perpetual waiting. We waited for approvals, for Visas, for back ground checks and re-checks only to then wait for something else on this journey to our girl! I'm happy to say we are on the last leg of the wait. We received our Article 5 approval January 18th and we are now officially waiting for TA (Travel Approval). I've seen approvals take 6 days, and up to 40 days... the average wait right now is around 17 days according to Rumor Queen... which I stalk daily. We could be on the lengthier side of the estimated travel time, due to the Chinese New Year. It starts Feb 2nd and lasts until (I think the 8th is when the government offices re-open) the 14th (I think) So, our tentative travel date is February 18th.. it could be the next week though.... we're praying for a speedy TA! I just want to encourage any of you that are contemplating adopting from China. Just do it! It's worth the wait (i can say that now that it's almost over) God provided the financing every step of the way and has not failed us. If He calls you to it... He will see you through it. I'm not sure everyone understands why were adopting from China. We've been asked that question a lot. "Why China?" I encourage you to direct family and friends that are skeptical of Chinese adoption to watch "The Lost Girls of China, hosted by Lisa Ling ( i think you can watch it via You Tube) God called me to China over 12 years ago. I can remember the exact moment He placed it on my heart. It took Lambert a lot longer to wrap his head and heart around it, but he fully gets it now. Some are called to adopt from other countries and some are called to adopt in the US. I just say do what God leads you to do and you can 't go wrong. The world may not get it, but God's word is clear that His ways are not the worlds ways... just do it!


  1. My 9 year old daughter and I just had a conversation at dinner about adoption. My heart broke to tell her there are so many children in the world with no one, no parents, no home. I cannot imagine what the last year has been like, or what the new year will hold...but God bless you! Praying for a speedy journey to your daughter!

  2. This is great! I love this thread and I am so happy you will have your little girl SOON!!! I will be there with my camera and won't miss a minute of that homecoming!
    I love you!

  3. I am so excited, sitting here with chills!!! Cannot wait until she is in your arms forever!!!