Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Weekend



It was a delightful weekend indeed... Friday night we had dinner in our home with a sweet couple and their kiddos from our small group. We enjoyed the dinner and the fellowship so much. It was a fun night with a lot of laughter! Saturday, Hoot and I spent the morning cuddling (our all time favorite Saturday morning ritual) and then we took a trip to our community library. I'm going to admit it... we haven't been since he was two for toddler time... I know... mother of the year. We got a card, checked out a ton o' books and spent the rest of the afternoon reading together. While we were at the library we ran into a little friend and his sweet mommy (also a fellow blogger) and had a great time visiting. Our library is truly awesome. we will be going back often.. much cheaper than buying books! Saturday night.... it was guys night. Lambert and two friends took their sons to MONSTER JAM! I went last year and that was enough to last me a life time... I think I posted about it... NEVER again... Lambert came home this year and said he was done too... I cracked up. He texted me on the way home to tell me he was bringing me a Gravedigger thong... nice!! The sad thing is, I'm almost certain they were available for purchase... I on the other hand spent 6 full hours of just meeee time.. I finished shopping for a few last minute items for our China trip. I had dinner at my all time favorite spot to dine alone.... La Madeline... I think I've posted before that there is something about spending just me time in La Madeline ... I enjoyed a Cesar salad with warm chicken and a cup of french onion soup. YUMMY I was so relaxing and it's really the only place I like to dine solo... not to say that I wouldn't enjoy it with friends too. This evening we had dinner with several couples from our small group at a local wing spot so the guys could watch the game. Once again lots of laughter and great conversation! It was a full weekend and very relaxing. We also got good news that Hoot's passport is on it's way... no delays!

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  1. I literally laughed out loud about the gravedigger thong! Hilarious!!!! Marc took the boys last year and we have prayed this year that they don't know it's back right now. Once was enough for Marc too!
    We had so much fun with you guys last night....GIRLS night soon!!!!