Thursday, January 6, 2011

Waiting and Leopard

So were down to the wire. Libbie's room is (almost) done. We should be done this weekend wit the final touches. We're waiting on a small dresser to be repaired and then painted and Lambert has to build some additional shelving in her closet :) love you Lambert. We've debated all along as to would we take Hoot with us to China or leave him with the grandparents... We finally decided that it would be best to leave him at home. However, last week I was in a store and met a mother with a young daughter, from China. We struck up a conversation and it felt like we were old friends. She asked if we would take our son and I told her that we had decided not to. The words she said moved me as if the Holy Spirit was speaking to right to my soul. She had two boys that she took with her to China (they were both younger than Hoot) she said it was just a wonderful time for their family to bond. No cell phones, office calls, no errands to run, chores to do, and so on. It was 12 uninterrupted days of pure family bonding.... I didn't share that with Lambert. I chewed on it for a while, (i can't say that I prayed about it, but i should have.) Monday I asked Lambert if he thought we should take Hoot with us... He told me to get his passport ready, he was going!!! Hoot is a pretty easy low mantinece kid. He has his moments like any 6 year old, but he is well behaved and can entertain himself with books, dvds LEGOS etc. He has said all along he didn't want to go, because he is scared to fly... I told him that I will give him a little grape flavored pill that will help him rest on the plane (his pediatrician said this was perfectly appropriate so don't be judge'n)

We've got about a week and a half left to wait for our Article 5 ( i told you i don't know much about it, but we have to have it and it takes two weeks to get it) then we will be officially waiting for our travel approval (which could take 2-3 weeks longer) We ordered his passport today and then we'll need to obtain his Visa. I'm a little nervous that there will be a delay with his passport because we didn't have the "long" form, that is required) the agent said we could send in supplemental records with the "short" form and they MAY not accept it. if not we will need to order the long form (only takes 2 days I'm told) and send it in... Pray that they accept what we've sent in.

Leopard... I have had leopard love as long as I can remember. I have the leopard towels, RL leopard sheets, a leopard lamp and I even have a pair of (they are from Talbots before you get a visual of spandex) leopard cropped pants (focus please). I've always been drawn to it. If I had a staircase in my house, it would be dressed in leopard. I am very aware that has been overdone and not done well on many levels these past few years. ( my dad hates my leopard hat and shoes) I dont' wear them together (promise) but when it's done well, it's timeless and classic!
Like this!!!
leopard casa sugar

or this...

Here's where I'm going with this... hang with me. I think somethings are just in your blood, hereditary, in your genes. My grandmother has always been a woman I have admired (for many reasons). I don't think I can recall a time that she wasn't put together. We could be scrubbing baseboards and her nails were perfectly manicured in a shimmery Rosy pink color (her toes always matched) She was the best dresser too (she is still alive and still dresses great, I'm just remembering in past tense) She is the ultimate preppy gal and I guess I picked it up (i've actually just figured this out recently) Stay with me... I was cleaning out the Christmas closet this weekend and came across her wedding photo album that I have looked at many times... I NEVER noticed it until this weekend. Look at my grandmothers dresscoat on her wedding day... I'm telling you... it's in the blood
I know it's a little fuzzy, but look at the collar

Like I said, when done right... Timeless, classic...


  1. As many times that I have looked at these same pics, I never noticed that collar! I just love these pics.....makes me want to crawl right in and go back in time and experience that era.

  2. Came across your blog from Christy's (tomiawithlove). She and I used the same agency adopting our daughters. I just wanted to encourage you about bringing Hoot to China. We brought our son who was almost 6 at the time and he is also a pretty low-maintenance kid. He had a wonderful time and enjoyed the food and the people could not get enough of him! The one thing we did that helped during the downtimes was we bought him a Gameboy (now they have others such as PS2)and he was able to keep himself occupied on the long flights and hotel downtime.
    It was great for him to be a part of the family creation and he got the chance to bond with her while in China. Additionally, he is adopted too and it was nice for him to see how adoption creates a family and made his own adoption full-circle.