Saturday, August 7, 2010


I love a good Classic.... Cars, music, movies ,clothing. There's nothing better than a little Marvin Gay, Sexual Healing, Lets Get it On... or Bill Withers, Ain't no Sunshine. I love classic movies like, Mr. Smith goes to Washington, or Terms of Endearment... Love it... WELL Guess what... Hoot stayed the night with Nanna last night and I'm FREE today. Just me... no hubby.. just me and the classics... I'm loving my play list CRANKED up loud while I piddle around the house... Usually,were having craft time by now and I'm cleaning up the breakfast dishes and soon I'd be getting ready for lunch plans. Not this morning, I've got my cup of coffee in my cute vintage cup and I'm lounging and loving it.. Now later... i plan to stalk the mailman because our little package still hasn't arrived with our fingerprint appointment.. but for now... "ain't no mountain high enough.... LOUD!! remember the day.. I set you free... i'll be there when you want me... ain't no mountain... LOVE IT!!! Bye!


  1. You are too funny :) I hope you have had a great day with time to yourself!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your day! Surely you'll get your fingerprint notice soon. Waiting is so hard!! We don't have a referral yet. Our I-800A approval arrived today. That was the last thing I was waiting on to certify and authenticate our documents. We're just 30 minutes north of Austin, so I'll go downtown on Wed and visit the secretary of state's office. Then I'll overnight it all to the consulate in your neck of the woods. Hopefully it won't take long to get it all back!! That's the part of this process that makes me crazy - so much of the wait is dependant on someone else to do their job efficiently! I'm looking forward to following your journey!!