Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hoot turns 6!!!!

This was from last year's birthday party. The year started off with a splash and has been a blast. Hoot has grown and matured so much this past year. I have truly enjoyed each year of his life for so many reasons. The first year was filled with all the many firsts, the second was great because his little personality was developing and he FINALLY walked. The third was fun and challenging as we learned to guide him and his little personality!! His 4th and 5th year of life seem to have flown right by. He has become a little person right before our eyes. He is loving and kind, funny and witty. He's truly more than I could ever have imagined. Other parents told me the love I would have for him would be indescribable... they were right. It's hard to put into words the love I have for this child. We began today with waffles in bed.... it was early... no coffee yet.
Then it was off to school. Parents are only allowed to bring healthy sugar free snacks for birthday parties... BUMMER. Hoot's favorite snack is popcorn, so we prepared goodie bags for each classmate. We also made a fun birthday fact sheet about our sweet boy. 6 fun facts about Hoot: he loves popcorn, plays piano, loves legos, star wars and is going to have a baby sister from China soon, and his favorite restaurant is Double Daves Pizza!
After school we stopped by Target so Hoot could buy one toy with some of his birthday loot... he chose The Optimist Prime Transformer... It's really loud!!
Next we met daddy at Double Daves for Cheese Rolls and Pizza.
Hoot had two more gifts to open... One from Daddy and the other from Granna and Papa!! Let me begin by saying my family loves cars... classic cars and Rat Rods.... you probably haven't heard of a Rat Rod, but Hoot thinks they are VERY cool... this character is Rat Fink... he is also very cool in Hoots opinion. Papa searched for a t-shirt in his size and found not one but two! This may have been Hoots favorite birthday gift this year....
More Rat Fink tattoos.... he'll have to wait for the weekend to wear these!
Lambert loves surfer classic cars and all things California.... Ron Jon is one of Lambert's favorites... Hoot has asked for a Ron Jon shirt for a while now so Lambert found one for him!! He said this was the best birthday ever!!! It's 8:15, he's bathed, homework is done and he's on his way to bed... We can't wait to see what the big #6 has in store for Hoot!!!

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  1. What a great birthday. I'm glad you explained the rat! I saw the picture first and was wondering,lol. He and Matt are two of a kind: legos, star wars, and double daves!