Monday, August 23, 2010

Party and First Day of School!!!

Even the parents had a good time assembling their lego craft and party favors. This is the new puffed up 6 year old pose that Hoot has going on. Were not sure where it came from, but were ready for it to go away. Every pose... his chest swells and he throws his shoulder back.... it's involuntary

The cake.. uhhggg. Not what I envisioned, but Hoot LOVED it.
I made the Lego men cake balls myself... they were super easy and cute and guess what??? I left them in the fridge and never passed them out... I ALWAYS forget something. This is the new smile ... we were singing happy birthday... sweet times. I think it's so funny at every party all the other kiddos want to open the gifts.. it's hilarious... the presents aren't theirs, but they can't help but open them!! Hoot does the same at his friend's parties... it's the anticipation... get the paper off the package!!Hoots new tough Six year old smile... very mature now... and puffy and just like that... he leaves my nest... it will be college in a BLINK.!! Yes, I'm still crying.... I woke up this morning and got all emotional. my eyes are puffy and my nose was swollen and red... but I love this picture. I love this boy. Even the puffy pose! I've prayed over this sweet boy even before he was born. I want him to make healthy friendships through his school years. I pray for his salvation, for righteous living, wise choices, bold faith passion for Christ and for his future wife... oh how I pray for a good wife (and daughter in-law....) Hoot is sooooo sweet.. this little guy was not ready for kindergarten today... Hoot knelt down beside him and introduced himself, by lunch time... they were buddies. He's such a kind soul... (he gets that from his momma) HA! The party was a hit. I scaled WAY back from previous years and invited only family and close friends. It was less stressful for me and so much fun for Hoot and his friends. He could really care less about the details... it's ALL about the presents and cake!! Well the cake was not at all what I had envisioned. I don't know what happened... (that's all I'm going to say). We have good friends... GREAT friends. I am thankful for old friends and new. Glory to God in the highest. He brings us through seasons of our lives that aren't pleasant only to show us the glory of his plans for our present and future. I am so thankful for six years with our amazing son. I am looking forward to what He has in store for our family... Glory in the highest.Glory in the Highest!!!! Every Nation will bow down and declare Glory glory hallelujah! What a joy that we can freely claim it now and forever!!!
Psalm 126:3The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

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