Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Libbie's Room

Okay... I LOVE this room!!! I don't think I can pull this off on my budget, but were going to try to duplicate some of the fun details from this room.
I bought this pink potter barn braided rug for next to nothing!

This is a vintage bed lamp I found on e-bay... it's so cute. It clips over the top of the bed frame. Krylon makes a sweet pink color called ballet slipper. I haven't decided if I will paint the bed frame pink or leave it a creamy white color. either way this will be perfect.

I haven't found the bed yet, but I'm waiting to hear back about this one! I hope it hasn't sold yet...

I found these two quilts for a STEAL. I'm on a quilt kick.

Bella Notte Melissa Floral bed skirt. GREAT buy!

I've been doing some e-bay and craigslist shopping!! I have found some deals!! I think it's all going to come together. I'm really trying to decorate her room on a budget and keep a vintage feel. I think I've got some great buys.

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  1. LOVE the name Libbie! The room decor is precious!