Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss Dixie

Dixie is the newest addition to our family... we brought her home from our summer vacation this year. We lost Bernie early this summer and weren't sure about getting a new puppy. We had a lot going on and there are going to be more changes coming to our family in the future. I think we waited about three (maybe two) months and then decided we (Hoot)really wanted a family pet. It's nice having a dog around the house. Hoot loves her and I have to say... she is a GREAT dog. The first night home, we had driven almost 14 hours and I was just certain she was going to cry all night long... she never made a peep. She ALMOST house trained and she has a great personality. She follows me everywhere. I've taught her to sit, but that's about all... she won't STAY yet and I can't take her off her leash. She can't be trusted with all the cats and squirrels in our neighborhood. She loves to go for walks and she LOVES to chase the water from the water hose. It wears her out and then she wants a good belly rub. I come home at lunch and let her out and play with her for a while. She willingly goes back in her kennel and waits for me to get home. I leave the Disney Channel on for her... I won't let Hoot watch Disney, so he wants to know why it's okay for Dixie... These eyes keep her out of a lot of trouble! She's family!

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