Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cookout in Texas

A few weeks ago we were outdoors enjoying the cool breeze on our front porch. I told Lambert we needed to have a cookout while the weather was still nice and the mosquitoes hadn't taken over.... so I made the invitations and decided to invite our small group friends. We were supposed to have everyone over last weekend, but there was a conflict with our church calendar and not everyone was going to make it. So we decided to move it to this weekend. It's ALREADY HOT and the MOSQUITO'S have totally invaded. We sprayed, lit the tiki torches had the clip ons, the candles... all the above and we still were almost eaten alive by the mosquitoes. Poor Lambert is a sweater and he was drenched before he started the grill... We enjoyed the company, but decided our next outdoor gathering will have to be in February. I can't believe summer is already here. One of our friends told us about a mosquito system she has at her house. It intermittently sprays the perimeter of her home and the mosquitoes are not a problem. We may look into this. So this it what I had in mind for our little social.... It didn't look anything remotely like this.... It was hot hot hot and did I say humid? But I love our group and we had a great time. We even made smores in 90 degree heat. The kiddos loved it and I think their parents did too.


  1. Smores in 90 degree weather? LOVE it :)

  2. hey honey your family is adorable! thank you for stopping by and welcoming me to the blog world!