Monday, May 17, 2010

Libbie's Room and a Great Door

I've been wanting to start this little project since I saw one like it at I wish I could take credit for it, but I totally stole it. I've been wrestling with how to decorate Libbie's room and I decided to go neutral.I know that I am way premature in this decorating craze, seeing that we haven't received a referral yet, but it's going to take a lot of time. I love all things neutral. I also figure when she's a little older I'll let her decide the colors for her big girl room. If she loves pink... then pink it is! I love pink too, but really really love creamy dreamy whites. It's hard to see with the glare, but I lined an old picture I bought several years ago with a burlap color linen. I picked up the Feltman Brothers Dress at a flea market store for $4.50!! That's right!
Last year on our ladies retreat, a few of us stopped in Brenham, to shop. I found this little bamboo chest and had no way to get it home. After I returned home I decided I couldn't live without so I drove 3 hours back to Brenham the next week to get it. THANK GOODNESS it was still there. I did call first...

I bought this Little Miss Muffet lamp 10 years ago at an antique store just in case I ever had a little girl. I love her colors. She's very old. (i think)

My workers! I've wanted my back door painted for over a year!! It seems like we always have something going and never get to it. We've (HE)sanded and sanded and sanded. Finally.... it was good enough and my sweet back door got a beautiful coat of robins egg blue tonight.
I can't wait to grace her with a beautiful wreath and some vinyl address decals like the ones above...

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  1. What beautiful things. I can't wait to see him all come together :)