Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zoom- Zoom

What a great kiddo.

Two Thumbs Up- Momma My little Bach! Hoot has been gearing up for his piano recital for about a month. He played a piece called Zoom-Zoom the Witches Broom. It was right up his alley. He lives for all things creepy and this song had such a slow deep scary little tune. He loved it. I think he thought he was scaring the audience. He had rehearsal earlier this week and he told me he creeped out all the other students (mostly girls). I am so glad that he's taken to music. He can keep a beat, read the notes and he actually does pretty awesome. His recital was held at our local college in a good size lecture hall. The black grand piano was rolled in and all the parents sat in stadium seats. Hoot wanted to know if they were all there to watch him perform. He then told me that he might have stage fright.... He's 5... and already a drama king. He lives for it. Immediately following his performance, he took a large bow and remained seated like a true gentleman for over an hour while the other students played their numbers. It was truly awesome to see how the students progress over their years of discipline and practice.

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  1. I love him in his outfit. What a talented boy you have :)