Monday, May 3, 2010

Furniture Love

So Friday I was surfing CL looking for the Pottery Barn Priscilla Day Bed below... Instead I found this sweet armoire for a song! I didn't want to post it, because I was negotiating with the seller. I was truly afraid that I might jinx myself if I showcased it on my blog without actually having officially owned it... So I got the call today that it was indeed mine!! I am in Pine Armoire LOVE!!!! It's 64in wide which is perfect for my family room. We have a black entertainment center that I purchased from the Dallas market several years ago, when I was in love with black painted EVERYTHING. I have always been a lover of antique pine. In fact last year at Urban Market I almost purchased a beautiful antique pine secretary, but decided to wait... you know what they say about antiques... buy it when you see it, because it will surely be gone when you go back for it. That was the case at UM. I went back the next quarter, so hopeful that the dealer would still have it. She remembered me and how I dearly wanted it, but sadly it was gone.... so... I am the proud owner of this little gem... Lambert is going to pick it up for me tomorrow.

Anyone know where I might find one of these??? It's a 2007 model PB bed. I recently saw it in a Country Living magazine. I think it would be perfect in Libbie's room. (still praying for a girl!) but it could easily go in a little boys room too. I love trundle beds for kids rooms. They are great for sleepovers and for Nana visits. I so wish PB would put this back on the market, but I called... not in the near future. So for now... I'm still on the hunt.


  1. hello!!!

    so glad i was able to help with you finding the neiman marcus recipe. ;) it's the bomb- isn't it?

    i too, worked for neimans & ate waaaay too many of these cookies. would love the recipe for the bars, btw.
    i found the recipe years back while waiting for an OB appt. when i was pregnant with my first. have no idea what mag it was from - tho! (i only tore the recipe out from the page. not the whole page.)

    have a super day!

    p.s. love that blue bed. have you checked ebay?