Friday, April 16, 2010

Good Fridays

E-Bay $???

Goodwill $3.99 for 10!! I found some real treasure today.... at lunch... I called my sister and she was garage saling in Grapevine. I was so jealous. I just had my eye brows waxed on my lunch break and thought I would pop into the Goodwill store to look for tea glasses. We've needed tea glasses for a while now. I actually ordered really cute goblets on e-bay and they came yesterday. I ordered 12. Hoot saw the box on the island and thought it was a package for him. Do you see what's coming?? He pulled the box to the edge and realized the box was heavy... before we knew it the box was on the floor and I heard the glass break. Today we have 9 cute goblets... so i found 10 super cute tea glasses for $3.99 at Goodwill. Yes that's right folks $3.99 for the SET!!!! I love Goodwill... (except for the smell) I had to share this today, because it was a very good Friday.

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