Monday, April 26, 2010

Things of ABSOLUTELY No Eternal value, that I really like!

This is the look I want my new love seat to have. Sooo pretty!
Loving this for Libbie's room! Hope Dad brings my great grandmothers little rocking chair. I see beautiful creamy linen and a classic monogram in her future! Something like this below... heavenly...

I love this idea for landscapes. so creative
One more image of what I want my newest little sofa to look like. Get the idea??
So my last post... the little love seat is sickly looking... I really feel sorry for her. I also realized from that post, that I need to paint the windows and the rest of our paneling in the craft/computer nook. I left this room alone when we painted the rest of our house. I wanted to keep some history of our old homes original past intact. I love the paneling, but it needs to flow with the rest of our home's new airy look.

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