Thursday, April 1, 2010

Outdoor fun times!

Our home We've had a lot on our plate these few weeks. It seems like Satan is always lurking, ready to attack when things are going God's way. We LOVE our home. I mean we really LOVE it. While I am very aware it has no eternal value, we love spending time in our home. We love having friends over, and just hanging out. We really love to be outside on our front porch. we live in a VERY quiet neighborhood and have lovely neighbors. Most of our neighbors are older retired couples. We also love that were in a cul de sac. We live in an older mature neighborhood that was once the upper crust of our community. We do have some traffic, but it's ,mostly pretty quiet. Several months ago our neighbor behind us informed us that he was going to sell and move to the new UT alumni retirement community in Austin. He was basically GIVING his house away. We were worried by the price. Well... it sold FAST. Let me share one of my biggest FEARS with you. PIT BULL dogs... Earlier this week we decided it would be a good idea to go and meet the neighbors. Our backyards are connected and we don't have a fence between us. You know where this is going.... YEP. they have a PIT BULL and no fence. So the FEAR and WORRY came upon me like the possessed demons came on the pigs! When we got back home, Lambert said, "Call a realtor". YIKES. I was sharing this with a friend and she had these words of wisdom for me. I think they are worth passing on... Sorrow, looks back... Worry looks around... Faith looks up... How those words have comforted me this week.

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