Saturday, April 17, 2010

I HEART Airstreams!!

This pink bike would look so cute in tow behind an Airstream! Don't you think???
Soooooo fine!

On my old blog, bare with me if you followed my old blog that I deleted... I posted about my affection for Airstreams. Tonight we went to a car show and on the way home we stopped at a dealership to look at Airstreams. It was late so it was a little hard to see in, but oh how I love them! Lambert works most Saturdays so camping is not something we've done a lot of. I shared those stories on my last blog so I won't bore you again. But OH how I love them. The trailers we looked at tonight were new and not vintage. Lambert likes new, I love old... however, tonight I got a glimpse of all the new amenities... NICE!!!! I particularly liked the Flying Cloud with buter cream leather interior and a sleek flat screen. Now were talking.... I'm ready to CAMP (Airstream style...)


  1. Oh I love to camp.It's so much fun! It sounds like you found a good combination of old and new!

  2. That is the kind of camping I like....leather and flat screens!!! LOL!!!
    Marc is out of town some this week so next Thursday it is!!!! We need to go to Chili's...lots to eat there that is not a lot of points!!!