Friday, April 23, 2010

Good Fridays

One thoughtful kiddo... just like his Daddy!
The first gift from Big Brother. You know it's from his heart.

Actually it was a Good Thursday. Lambert had to go to Office Depot last night and Old Navy is next door. Now I am not abig fan of ON. I never find anything that looks like me and when I buy for Hoot the clothes fall apart. I think this is strange since GAP clothes hold up so well and they are the sister companies. Strange... Anyway we strolled the isles and Hoot found a Batman shirt right away that he "NEEDED". It was on sale so I said okay. The next thing I know he's headed to the little girl section. He said, "let's find something for Libbie!" My heart melted. What a thoughtful kiddo! Libbie is the name we picked out years ago for the daughter we planned to adopt from China. We are still praying for a little girl from Korea and she will be named Libbie. When we joined the Korea program with our agency we were informed that they don't permit gender preference within that program. You see there are more boys available for adoption in Korea than girls. With the China program, it was just the opposite. Our agency does receive little girl referrals, but they receive far more little boys. So... we may have a Liberace (JUST KIDDING)!!! My heart longs for a little girl, but God knows the plans he has for us!

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