Friday, April 16, 2010

Scottie Dogs

Puppies!!!! About 12 years ago, I told Lambert I wanted a Cocker Spaniel puppy. He said, "No, no inside dogs." Well, I really really wanted one. It was about Christmas time and I told my sister that I wanted a cocker. My thought was this... She will tell Lambert that I really really want one, and he will surprise me... Not so much. My dad was still living in Dallas at the time so we travelled to Dallas to spend Christmas with the family. I was a little disappointed that my plan didn't work out and remember sulking on the way to Dallas. Lambert gave me a watch... We got to my dad's and there was a HUGE box wrapped up and... it moved a little. Lambert and I looked at each other and knew immediately who the box was for. There was my precious little tan and white cocker! How sweet. The only problem was, Lambert didn't know anything about the surprise. He was just as shocked (not in a good way) as I was (in a great way). He let me keep him and we named him Bernie. He has been the BEST dog ever. He's smart and house trained, but he's old... Really old and soooo stinky. He's so stinky that he has to stay outdoors or in our laundry room these days. I don't know what it is about Cockers, but as they age, their breath and gums smell terrible. Well about a year ago, I started wanting another dog... I love Scotties and Westies. My dad and step mom have a precious Westie and a Karin terrier. So, I've been dropping hints for a while and finally Lambert is on board for another puppy (MAYBE). without further adieu... here are the pups. We found a breeder about an hour away that has 6 girls that will be ready in about 7 weeks!!! The two older dogs are the parents Hannah and Gabriel....We're working on names...


  1. PUPPIES, PUPPIES, them soooo and the smell of puppy breath!

  2. Too cute!! Can't wait to see which one you get!!