Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day Four... No Love

the physical therapist gave us great news! The therapist said she has arthrogryposis.. you can read about it here (no hands but ours) google it. The photos look just like our girl.... very encouraging

Owen made a friend from Boston here adopting a younger brother. This boys name is Bowen. they are buddies! they want to swim today. Its too cold, but they are insistant.

We are having a dress made for her at Susans. We had tea... it was NASTEA!! we prefer sweet texas tea!

She and Hoot must be siblings. They LOVE the popcorn. It was Hoots, but she took over and would not share with him. She would turn in a circle to avoid him. She's got her eye on him here.

Daddy is applying lip gloss. If the parts business fails he can work for MAC as a makeup artist.

I offered her chocolate.... so daddy had to comfort her. He is worn out. She won't let him relax. I told him he better get ready for the plane ride home :)

I'm pulling every trick out of my bag and nothing works. I've wooed her with chocolate which I was told she loves... i've given her lip gloss, coloring books, bubbles, food, stickers, playdough, cell phone, movies, games.... my bag is almost empty and she's not budging. I've almost given into the fact that it may not happen here, and that's okay. I don't want to force it and I don't want to try too hard. She will talk if I'm not in the room. Last night she was sitting in Lambert's lap looking in the mirror. I was in the bathroom and he said, Libbie, you are amazing" and she said, "amazing" just as clear as a bell. She has said Baba (daddy) and Gugu (brother)... no mama (me)...
We have met some amazing families here at our hotel and in the park. Last night we met a physical therapist in the playroom and she said Libbie has a tendon issue (I can't think of the name) but that she should have no problems once she has therapy. Is that God or what???

We also met a couple that is good friends with the Chapmans... yes Stephen and Mary Beth!!! The Chapmans are actully their daughters God parents... Amazing family. We met a couple from Sikeston Missouri. We stop in Sikeston every time we go to Indiana. They have a heard of kiddos (i think 6) and we can't wait to meet them at Lamberts next time we go to the farm. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging. We are loving our stay in Guangzhou and have met some life long friends.

Back to Libbie... AMAZING
We were able to read the commets tonight. thank you for the kind words and prayers. We feel them.. Lambert has come to tears over the comments everyone has posted. I think he's gearing up for a guest post later tonight... he keeps telling me what to post so I told him I would help him later if he wanted to post his thoughts..
So funny... when we were preparing he said these words... I'm not changing her diaper, that would be too weird.. guess who changes ALL her diapers.... that's right. LAMBERT
Were headed to SUBWAY for lunch and were having dinner with a few friends tonight at The Cow and Bridge... We are SOOOO ready for El Toro and plan to have it as soon as we come home. I've never been so hungry for it. However, the KFC and Papa Johns here on the island... ROCKS!
PS please forgive the spelling errors. I am too tired (lazy)to spell check. Not used to using a small laptop.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to see everyone
Pslm 89:1-2 I will sing of the Lord's great love forever with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations. I will declare that your love stands firm forever!

Praising Him in Guangzhou, Love the Lamberts


  1. Great, great post.....She is AMAZING! So is her parents! You and Stephen have touch more people than you even know with Libbie's story.....and it has just started to be written. Your dad and I are filled to the brim with happiness for you guys. Love the pics, especially the one with the pop corn, or maybe the one playing with daddy......oh heck, I love them all! She will let you in her heart, may take a little know Angela's Steven went through that with Trent after coming home from Iraq, Trent would cry at the sight of his daddy.....Steven was crushed, but they are now the best of buddies!
    So happy to hear that Hoot is having fun and making friends!
    We continue to hold you all tight in our thoughts and prayers, give those kidos hugs for us.....we are so in love with Libbie already, your dad just can't wait to see you guys and meet her, I keep telling him to give you time to get her know your dad, I can only hold him back for so!
    Much Love, Denise

  2. I have a few names of some awesome physical therapists for you! Can't wait to give you all a big hug when you get back!

  3. Shelly,

    I am crying tears of JOY for y'all right now. I LOVE this post. Libbie is just as cute as can be. She will totally come to you-- just give her the time she needs. Kate did not reject me so I cannot understand completely how you feel BUT I have seen it over and over again with other families and they ALWAYS bond with Mama in their own time. Just keep reminding yourself that it is not about is a reflection of her fear that you will someday leave her because the important women in her life have disappeared (mom or foster mom or nanny). She is afraid to love you because then she might lose you. Very soon, she will realize that you are not going anywhere and she will come to you...just keep trying in your own ways.

    See how God has already used her to sneak into Lambert"s heart so deeply? They are adorable together.

    I LOVE all the photos. The lip gloss one is adorable and the tub one too. She is beautiful. Well, as I did yesterday....I will spend every free moment throughout my day offering up prayers for you all. Today, my specific pryer will be that Libbie feels your love and begins to trust you and lean into you.

    So glad that Hoot made a friend. I hope it warms up so they can swim.

    I just wanted to clarify that I only sent a prayer request to 3 of my close friends (that have adopted from China) and the link to your blog. I knew they would pray for you and encourage you. You actually met Di at the Urban market when she was visiting a few years ago:)

    Also I got to e-mail with your friend Lesley---you are surrounded by love:)

    Enjoy the weekend in Guangzhou!!! Can't wait til Thursday!!!

    Lots of love,

  4. Well Bella has already claimed Libbies sunglasses and wants to remind you that PURPLE is her favorite color.
    On a serious note. I look at the pictures of Stephen and he looks so tired, dark circles under his eyes and physically drained.
    I remember at Thanksgiving when we were talking about Once Saved Always saved. We had such a great conversation surround by Christ and I remember telling Stephen he was a great man and I hope that when God delivers me a husband that he would be just like Stephen. How this could not be more true now. I also remember when you guys were newly married and lived on Grace Lane and my life was still outside of Gods will. I remember I was about to leave and told you both how much I looked up to you and the change yall had made in your lives. How this could not be more true now.
    I think I have spontaneous cumbustion (no idea how to spell) with my tears. I have to keep reminding Bella that they are tears of joy. I am just so proud to say the Lamberts are my family and that Libbie is my niece. I am so proud of little Owen who is so centered in Christ he sometimes shows me up. The best part of this entire situation is that Libbie will also know the love of Christ.
    You and Stephen have affected so many lives, including mine and have grown me closer to God. Once again you are doing so through actions, not words and that is exactly what we are called to do as Christ followers.
    I could not be more proud of both of you. I picture Christ face in Libbie and she, (christ) has transformed Stephens heart, mind, and soul. Along with our entire family. I love you all and want you to come home NOW!!!

  5. I have prayed for you guys so much the last two days and will continue! I can't wait to meet Libbie and see you guys!
    The lip gloss picture is precious!!!!! How blessed are the four of yall?????

    Kim is right....she will come around on her own time when she is certain you are not leaving her! Until....Stephen is doing an amazing job and that is funny about the diapers!

  6. Shelly,

    I have been following along and praying for your family so much.
    Libbie is just so beautiful and I know she was meant to be your daughter. Like Kim, I did not have any rejection with Lucy, however my Husband was her guy in the begining...I truly believe this is God's plan for Libbie and Lambert, and she will bond with you and the timing will be perfect. Hang in there, and enjoy this time, because you will look back on it and see the joy in the journey.

    I hope Hoot is having LOTS of fun...what memories he will have!!

  7. I cannot believe that Libbie doesnt love you already, it will come quickly, how could she not! And how good is our God that He in a matter of days has already answered prayers about Libbie! I cannot wait for you guys to get home so that she can adapt to life here and be surrounded by everyone else who is just dying to meet her! Tell her I wont be there till July, but I'll bring her a little friend when I come to meet her! Love you guys.

  8. first I have to tell you about my very best friend. When they picked up Kenzie at 14 mths she decided quickly that "no mama" would be her MO. That went on for the entire trip, the trip home and the first few days at home. She had a very disorganized attachment to her daddy. But then daddy had to return to work after a few days home and she was forced to form that same disorganized attachment to her mama. My friend fortunately had done a ton of reading on attachment parenting and knew that would be the way to go with Kenzie. NO ONE held her, kissed her, fed her, diapered her, rocked her etc for months and months. It took awhile, but all I can say is at 7 almost 8 years old now Kenzie thinks it is hilarious to hear those stories, to hear her mama could not even breath in the same room with her without making her go into screaming fits(little stinker to think that is funny now)
    We all read about this, know about it, see other people experience it, but when you are the one faced with is hard and heartbreaking. Keep the faith on this one too. My friend told me in preparations for our trip that there is only room for one on the legwork and paperwork journey of IA....mama's earn their wings then. When faced with kiddo's like Kenzie and Libbie it gives daddies an opportunity to earn their wings. Trust me when you get home you will get a chance to let your wings grow a little bigger:)

    Also just as a side note I will find out his name but there is an amazing dr in Galveston that my goddaughter came from KS to see and had surgery. She has mild CP and had very tight tendons and such. He is one of only a few dr in the nation that do this surgery and have seen GREAT results. Maybe he would be someone good to visit when you return home!!!
    You guys are doing great!! I read about you from Kim and my family is sending you our prayers and thoughts!!!

  9. We adopted our son from China in Oct. 2009 with a diagnosis of clubfoot. We found in China that his knees were contracted and that he has something other than Clubfoot. We too asked for answers before travel and got none. When we returned home we found he had arthrogryposis. After a great deal of research Dr. Van Bosse at the Philadelphia Shriner's Hospital is the best in the country. Email him with any questions. He has many children with arthrogryposis adopted from China as patients. Our son has made great progress. He is VERY bright and we can't imagine our life without him.

  10. OH I remember that look of "oh yeah, I HATE you" from Katie. LOL She'd play with all the other ladies in our travel group, safely from Daddy's lap of course. But if I even TRIED to hand her a toy, one she'd loved just 5 minutes prior, she's throw it down and want nothing to do with it.

    If I fixed her food, she'd reject it. If Daddy fixed the SAME food, she'd gobble it up.

    Today, at 4.5 years old, she talks about how in China she'd cry for her Daddy and that she did NOT want Mommy. Yes, baby girl, that is exactly it. She then runs up to me and gives me a hug and a kiss and tells me she loves me now but she didn't then. I tell her, that's okay that I understood then and I loved her then as much as I do now.

  11. I wanted to restate that my friend and her husband did all of the feedings, rocking, diapering etc. It sounded as though no one did those things. Sure you knew what I meant.

    You have gotten some great advice and great medical advice.....that's what is so great about this community of parents!!!!

  12. It's so amazing that you are seeing little miracles unfold right before you!

    Your daughter is darling. I'm sure it's painful right now to be rejected but you seem to completely understand that it's not you she's rejecting but that she's just trying to protect herself from being hurt by another woman. The love will come!!

  13. We were so blessed to meet your beautiful family in Guangzhou. We hope to see you the next time you come through Sikeston. Love to you all - The Lancaster Family