Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Girl Can Eat!

Traditional Chinese Lunch Yes your seeing correctly... don't look dad!!!
I'm dead!!!

She copies everything he does. they're doing homework.
Daddy's girl
She loved the water fountains in the park
Getting ready for dinner. Hoot is such a proud big brother.
She LOVES her lipstick. but only daddy can apply it... :(
Libbie's primary concern is food... She will eat everything in sight which makes me think she was deprived. We've been told it happens, but to see it in person is indescribable. She eats more than we could ever imagine. She will lick her fingers to dab up the cracker crumbs in her stroller. if she drops something she searches until she finds it. There doesn't seem to be any satisfying her appetite. It makes me hurt. We give her whatever she wants and allow her to hang on to whatever she can in her little hands. As long as she has something in her grasp, she is content. Today she was much more relaxed. She slept good and even spit out a few things she didn't care for. The girl can also make a HUGE mess. She is a tornado in our room. I pick it all up and she tears through and drags is ALL out again. It's like a game. She wins.
Our guide took us for our traditional chinese meal today... I knew I was in trouble when I saw rabbit and turtle on the sign outdoors... I REALLY knew I was in trouble when I saw the bunny cages and the SNAKE cages when entered the door. Hoot saw the bunnies and said NO!! don't kill the bunnies, we love bunnies. Then our guide said her favorite dish was the steamed pigeon... i'm gonna die, I thought to myself. She asked that we not ask what we were eating but just try... I made it through lunch. I didn't eat any meat. We played it safe and stuck to the noodles and fried rice. None of us are adventurous diners so this was a huge stretch. Libbie on the other hand ate everything in sight.
We are all tired and ready to come home. We're getting on each others nerves and this hotel room seems to be closing in on us. We've explored as much as we can explore and now we miss home... family friends, normalcy.


  1. Did you eat any smiling ducks?? Remember "A Christmas Story"? I consider myself an adventurous eater, but that sign and those cages would have sent me running for the hills!! LOL, I am still laughing thinking about you guys seeing this.
    I love, love, love the picture of Libbie and Owen. It makes my heart melt and brings tears to my eyes.
    We miss you guys too! Praying tomorrow is a day filled with God moments and NO snakes!!
    (I just showed the boys the snakes, you should have seen their reactions, lol!)

  2. Shelly,

    I am laughing at the snake cages and your descriptions. Oh my goodness! I would have had a hard time eating there too. I am impressed you made it through dinner.

    I love your updates. They sound joyful and hopeful. Libbie is such a sweet charmer and I love seeing how proud Owen is of his lil sister. I can tell he is going to watch out for her for life. Kate is looking over my shoulder and she is SO SO SO excited to meet Libbie on Thursday. She even suggested that we buy her some "makeup" to bring to the airport:) She also noticed that they have the same Matilda Jane pants (and I missed that).

    This is the day the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24

    I LOVE Libbie's huge smile at the fountains.

    Hang in there, Y'all are in the home stretch now. You'll have your tex mex before you know it!


  3. What happy, happy pics......well except for the snakes.....yikes! and yes, your dad would not look at the pic....made me promise to scroll past it the whoose! She is coming along so well and finding her place in your family, so, so wonderful! Love her girly, girl outfits....what a doll!
    Can't wait for you guys to get home and hear more about Libbie and your trip......Owen is doing so well with her! Give Owen big hugs for us and have Steven give Libbie hugs for us!
    Much Love, Denise

  4. I found your blog from Kim's too. What a sweet and beautiful little girl you have.

    I just wanted to say that your story is VERY similar to ours except our daughter is from Guatemala. When picking her up she would have NOTHING to do with my husband. In fact he would have to leave the hotel room until she fell asleep because she was so stressed about him being in the same room that she wouldn't fall asleep. She would eye ball him all day, making sure he wasn't going to come over to her. It was frustrating like no ones business.

    This happened for about three weeks and slowly she would watch her Daddy giving her brother something or having fun with him and each day she would get a little closer and closer. A couple times she would even get close enough to him and her Daddy would tickle her and she loved it until she realized what she let herself do. ANyways... to make a long story short... she is Daddy's girl through and through now. She now wants her Daddy 24/7. It will happen for the two of you. You'll look back in a few weeks and just be amazed how things have changed!

    And the food... the SAME thing! Actually two years later... We still have to watch her food intake. She will drink any liquid in one gulp and clean her plate clean no matter what it is. But now, we tell her that she's had enough. ( she would even hide food for later)

    Congratulations on your daughter. She is gorgeous!

  5. As a bunny loving family (pets!), I shrieked when I read your post. Yikes!!

    I just found your blog through 3Peanuts. You and your family, and precious Libbie will be in my prayers. Wednesday starts our Lenten journey and I will say prayers daily through Easter for you.

    You strength and honesty (about choosing YOUR way so often) hit home with me. It's so hard to make the tough decisions.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay. And safe travels home!

  6. Hi there,

    I found your blog from 3 peanuts. As I was reading your China travels I noticed in one of your pictures my dear friend Amanda (Mandy) the PT/OT that told you about Arthrogryposis. I could not believe it! I have 2 daughters from China and both of them have Arthrogryposis and Amanda treats my youngest Linzhi Rose. Actually Linzhi Rose is having a muscle transfer on April 27th. Your daughter will amaze you everyday at what she is able to accomplish. We were told our daughter Linzhi would never be independent of us and oh my goodness, they were so very wrong!!! Our daughter Madelyn was 8 years old when we adopted her, she has it in her uppers and lowers and is almost completely independent except for dressing herself but oh my, she's amazing too! If you have any questions or would like any information on my girls, please feel free to contact me at I also have a blog Have a wonderful time in Guangzhou!

    God bless,

  7. Shelly,

    LOOK at your Girl!! She looks more comfortable and at ease in every post! I love the lipgloss, and that only Daddy can apply...that is really sweet...I know you will be applying it before you know it!!

    We loved all the food in China, however, we were never taken to a restaurant that served rabbit and turtle, at least with a picture on the menu :)....oh to think you are in the home stretch. Lucy did not hold onto food BUT ate more than I did for the first couple of seems Libbie is realizing there will be more if she spits out what she does not like, so that is a great sign!

    Oh I am so happy you will be greeted by Kim and Kate at the airport...what fun!

    Enjoy these last few days, you will look back on this time with such sweet and tender memories~


  8. I'm so glad ya'll got there safely. I have been thinking about ya'll. See you guys soon!

  9. Shelly,
    WOW!!! I don't know why I am always amazed.. But, seeing Libbie smile, and take a few steps just made me smile at God's faithfulness. Your daughter is going to continue to amaze you!!!!! Remember the Mulan saying, "The flower that is born in adversity, is the most rare and beautiful of all!" I think that is your Libbie!!!!! Brave, strong willed, and beautiful!! She reminds me of Sienna! Determined, spicy, and so very special!!!! And, as for being a Daddy's girl... Just remember, she obviously feels like she is betraying someone she loved before by loving you. It WILL happen! And, when Daddy goes back to work, she will learn to depend on you. For now, loving you from a distance is hard.. But, it WILL change!!!! You are almost home!!!! Blessings, Diana

  10. YOUr daughter is incrediable! What a DOLL! She will be just fine, don't you worry! I have a friend who's daughter has that and she is a wonderful little blessing! contact me for info to chat, when you get home!
    hugs on your journey,

  11. I don't think I could have eaten a thing with snakes, bunnies, and turtles! I am almost sick thinking about it:). However, what a great understanding you are gaining of your sweet little girl's culture. I am praying that your transition will go well and that she will prefer Mama before you know it:)

  12.'s time to come home! It was wierd to look over in church and there was Doug and Gail like normal and no Lamberts in front of them!!! To wierd!!!!
    I can't wait until Thursday!!! I love the lip gloss pictures and the homework one is adorable!
    The lunch...yuck!!!!

  13. I come cross your blog from Kim's blog. I am touch by your experience. I also want to tell you when my husband and I went to China to get my older one. She was exactly like yours. She would not have anything to do with me even with the fact that I am Chinese. She wouldn't leave my husband along. My poor husband couldn't even go to bathroom. She slept on his chest. Nothing worked. It took about a week until she started to warm up to me. Your daughter will get there.

    Congratulations on your adoption. She is gorgeous!

  14. Shelly,

    I am so happy Libby is making progress. She is one tough cookie!!! You will be shocked at how she will defy all the experts and she will soar!! With the love and resources you can provide, your little girl will do more than anyone could ever imagine. I am so happy she took her first steps-- this girl is going somewhere!!!

    OK, now onto the mom rejection thing. I think you followed our blog while we were getting Finley, but mommy rejection was my life while in China. I would have to say the mere sight of me repulsed her. She wanted nothing to do with me and dad was king. She loved and oggled and wanted him constantly. She cried if I touched her. It was heartbreaking. For months I had loved that little thing and had such hopes for a wonderful China experience, but she did not have the same plans. she really would have been much happier if I was not even there. She would not let me do much of anything for or with her. As the time in China came to an end, she started to like me a bit more but not even close to what I had hoped. At least she would sometimes let me take her to the bathroom and might let me hold her for a minute or so before she was so done with me and had to go back to daddy. Really, to be honset, you probably wont see any strides while in china. We didnt and I hope I am wrong, but your little one seems much like Finley and as attached as she is with daddy, you are not going to even be on her radar while in China. Now, when you get home, it will progress. I will be totally honest with you so that you are not disappointed but even after 30 days home, Finley still is not even close to as attached to me as she is with her daddy. She loves me and will hug and kiss and sometimes-- not often-- will sit with me and snuggle, but she seems to reserve that for daddy. She still can be very disconnected to me and can seem indifferent not really caring if I am there or not. When we are without daddy, she is attached to me and wants to be with me and comes to me for comfort, but when daddy is around, I become part of the woodwork. What I have realized is that this is going to be a slow process. I cant say that in 2 or 3 or 4 months she will become a mamas girl and love me equal to daddy becuase I really dont know. It might take a year or more. I dont have a clue but I do know that week by week it is getting better and that there will be a point that she 100% attaches to me and loves me the same as daddy. While it still hurts and I just had a conversation with my husband last night about how mad this whole thing makes me, I am a big girl and will suck it up-- but it still hurts-- REJECTION-- MAJOR REJECTION HURTS!!!! But at least she loves her daddy and derives such pleasure and comfort from him. I am very happy about that and thank the Lord everyday that she can be comforted by her daddy.

    So, I hope I did not discourage you but rather gave you perspective from someone in the same position just a month or so ahead of you :) Each kid is different and Libby might come around quicker than Finley, but expect the worst and he happy with anything other than the worst. I am praying for you and if you need to talk to another rejected mom to feel some support, when you get home you can call me anytime. I would love to talk and support you in anyway!!!

    Big hugs and I am praying for you!!!

    Christy :)

  15. Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! We just celebrated our 6 month Gotcha Day. Determination and her spirit will get your girl far... kids are amazing at their adaptability! She sounds like she will have the support of some pretty great parents too. Good luck and I'll keep you all in my prayers.

  16. She is beautiful, and what a testimony to obedience! It will get better.

    My daughter was a daddy's girl in China and for a long time. How I prayed over bonding with my daughter! Grace even named herself Dada at 17 months and would tell anyone who asked her name she was Dada. I would tell her to tell people her other name and then she would say Grace. Our first week home, my husband had to run an errand. She literally growled at me for an hour when she realized Dave wasn't home and she was so furious she kept shifting her eyes so she wouldn't have to look at me. I simply put her in the hip hammock and danced with her to music. To this day she loves Queen. I carried her around in the hip hammock as often as I could when we were home which helped as it placed her head near my heart. My husband is a consultant and had to travel M-Th 10 months after we came home and although it was hard for both him and Grace, it forced Grace to rely on me. It did wonders for her attachment to me. Now she is 7.5 and is quite a mommy's girl too. It took a lot of prayer and determination to not let her bonding and attachment not become a stronghold of rejection and anxiety.
    There is a great book called The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis which helped me a lot. The Tapestry ministry from Irving Bible Church has a wonderful blog called Empowered to Connect. It is a lifesaver for many. Dr. Purvis works with Tapestry and they have some great video clips of her on it.

    Praying for those sweet moments of bonding whenever and however they come!

  17. Shelly,
    It is so good to see her sweet smile! And I love hearing about the progress that she is already making and hope she continues to amaze you every day. Hurry home. We cant wait to see you!

  18. Shelley - your faith is amazing and such a testimony to the Lord's power working through you.

    We brought our second daughter Katie home from China just a year ago; she was 4 at the time. The first week in China she literally made herself sick from eating so much so fast. It took her almost 6 months home before she stopped gorging herself at every meal, and just recently is at the point were she will stop eating if she is full instead of eating till the food is gone. It is one way you might begin to build her attachment to you - if you are the one to fill her food bowl, put food one her plate and those things. She will warm to you; lean on the Lord to be your strong tower till then.

    Praying for your journey

  19. I love that daddy is putting on her lip gloss! She is a little doll!

  20. Boy howdy I know what you mean about the hotel room and homesickness. It was 3 weeks for us. I love reading all about her and am so proud of you for being so patient. God grows us where we didn't even know we needed it. Stay strong in Him.