Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hanging in There

We are getting better by the day. Yesterday we hit ChikfilA for lunch with some friends and FINALLY got a picture together. (Thank you Christy for the photo). The Doll is liking her momma! She can still throw a fit, but I think she is learning, I have a pretty strong will... maybe stronger than hers... (maybe)

We had a sweet treat this week. Lin, the exchange student we had in our home a couple years back, came to visit for Spring Break. She got to hang with some friends and spend some time with us. She's headed to LA today for the rest of her break and then she will go back to Ohio. She is an amazing little (big) girl. Something about the Chinese I'm learning is that when they set their minds to something... they accomplish it. When Lin came to live with us, she was told she could not graduate in the US... well... she did (#4 in her class). A guidance counselor told her she would never be able to complete the entrance exams for colleges in the US... well she went back to China for a year, studied English like crazy and was accepted to many top colleges in the US... she ultimatley chose Ohio State... we were VERY sad. We wanted her to come to Texas. Maybe she will transfer (hint hint). We love Lin like family and consider her ours. She is welcome here anytime and will always have family in Texas. We have prayed for her often and hope that she will find a church family in Ohio. (hint hint) We took her to YAO MINGS resturaunt last night and it was awesome. We will miss her when she goes.

she still loves her daddy best!



Two Silly Girls!


  1. Lambert is SOOOO wrapped around her little finger.

  2. Last time we saw pics of Lin, she was a cute girly pictures show what a beautiful young woman she has grown into! Yes, I have to agree....looks like "the doll" has Daddy so wrapped around her little cute! Hoot is looking so grown up these days.....must be the big brother thing!

  3. I love getting to sit with Libbie and watch her take it all in. Looking forward to next time. :)

  4. The picture of her crying made me laugh! What a cutie! Lin is beautiful and blessed to have you guys!

  5. Your Doll is absolutely beautiful! What an incredible testimony she will have! Gives me chills thinking about it...and how quickly it could have changed. She has come SUCH a long way in such a SHORT time!!

    Praying for you and for your darling girl!!


  6. So glad to see the bonding taking place!! Happy Thursday to you guys!

  7. How funny, we hosted an Chinese exchange student 3 yrs ago and she now is in college in Ohio...ut in Granville at Denison Univ. We would give anything for her to come to TX to go to school. Rice was her first choice, but she was only wait listed for Rice. There is always Grad school right?? We call Shiyu our exchange daughter. She is so tightly wound into our family I don't know what we would do without her:) We hope to spend 4-6 weeks with her and her family in Chongqing next summer with Hayden:)

    Love your bluebonnet pics!!! Absolutely stunning!!!

    Hoot's hair is not what you wanted....but I was expecting so much worse as I read. I think beach pics will still look cute!!!!

    No Roundtop for me this week, but I can't wait to go in the fall!! I will have to check out your friend's store!!