Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a Weekend!

I know were supposed to be hunkering down at the casa with Libbe and we do during the week days, but wow what a weekend. Friday we had dinner with the bff's in Kemah (so yummy) and then we let the kids ride the carousel and play a few games. Saturday morning the doll and I headed to Brenahm for our church ladies retreat. I couldn't go for the whole weekend, but I thought a 2 hour drive would be good bonding time for us. We had a ball! We drove to Giddings for the retreat, saw all the girls and then went to a special friends house for a visit. It's a must visit if you're going to Roundtop this week. Her place is so darling and she and her husband are the most gracious hosts. Their house is AMAZING and their shop is to die for. Emily's daughter Leslie rode with us and gave us the tour of her mom's little haven. After Emily's we headed out for photos in the bluebonnets. The doll wasn't too keen on all the cars wizzing by so we didn't stay long. After the bluebonnets, we made a MUST stop at Leftovers... another MUST visit while at Roundtop. We didn't know it but it was a very special day at Leftovers. Rachel Ashwell was appearing for a book signing. She recently purchased The Outpost at Cedar Creek. She was stopping in for a guest apperance. We were lucky to get in and out before it got crazy busy. I'm sure they would not appreciate a bulky stroller manuvering around with all the people. I did manage to get a couple of photos without getting busted.
I tell you he's the baby whisperer...

Whatever he says... works!
The doll loved the swings at the retreat (Camp Tejas)

Bare with me with the bluebonnet pics... I have waited 10 years to take these photos. I took some of Hoot when he was little, but there is just something about little girls in white smocked gowns in the bluebonnets that makes me smile. look at her precious feet. we don't get to see them often because she has to wear her AFO's to walk so she almost always has shoes on those feet! I love baby feet and she has the tiniest toes ever.



Rachel Ashwell was set up in this little area for her book signing. It was so shabby chic..


I could have spent all day in Leftovers. I could not get enough. Every nook and cranny was CRAMMED packed with eye candy galore. I knew I was sinning so I had to get out of there quick! I wanted and lusted after everything I laid my eyes on! You know me, I sooo want to make another trip up this week, but I just can't! I'm trying to remind myself daily (hourly) to be content with what I have and not want for more. It's hard, but I am truly so blessed and all that great stuff adds ZERO value to my life... but it sure is fun to dream!


  1. Such great pics! She truly is a doll! I will have a hard time deciding which one to print off and frame!

    And let me share with you and make you feel better....all that eye candy is soooooooo over priced!

  2. Hey, i wanted to tell you that I had a student who wore AFOs. His doctor told him he had to keep them on always or he couldn't walk!! One day, the occupational therapist at school took them off to evaluate him and he walked better without them!! He began walking on his own like a pro and went back to his doctor. He never wore them again!! Maybe Libbie will grow out of them :)

    By the way, Libbie is beautiful!!! And I love the clothes you dress her in.... precious!!

  3. What gorgeous pictures of Libbie in the patch of flowers! Such a beautiful little girl (:

  4. Love the pictures of your doll in the blue flowers. I am a sucker for baby
    feet too. Have you thought of photoshopping the fence out of the picts? You are so blessed. I so want another little girl. Praying I can find a way with China opening back up for singles.

    Have a Blessed day!

  5. The pix in the bluebonnets are simply breath taking! Gorgeous!

  6. Okay...I am lusting here too. I am sitting this Roundtop out too. I need to do some editing of what I have not accumulate right now. LOVE Libbie's big smile with Lambert!!!

    LOVE the blue bonnet pics! I have not done those in a while.

    I will drive out to Leftover with you sometime in the future:)

  7. Oh how I miss Texas bluebonnets!!!! She seems like she is doing a little better each time you post. That shop looks great!!!

  8. Baby feet, Bluebonnets and a white smock!! Be still my beating heart!!

  9. I loved getting to see you girls at the retreat! She is so sweet and has come such a long way in such a small amount of time! What a treat to watch her grow. :) The bluebonnet photos are gorg!

  10. LOVE the bluebonnet pictures. We lived in Abilene many moons ago when Brian was in the Air Force and I went to a craft show and bought a white t-shirt that had hand painted bluebonnets, LOVED that shirt!!! She looks like she is adjusting well and it's so good to see and hear that she is beginning to accept her momma!!! =)

  11. I love, love, love the bluebonnet pictures! So glad to see that the doll is tolerating you now.

  12. I've become a fan of your blog! Became aware of it during your recent trip to China. Libbie is so precious and I love getting to watch her bloom in her new wonderful family!! She is truly a doll and the blue bonnet pictures are absolutely gorgeous...

    Thanks for being an inspiration to those of us still waiting :-)