Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy to be Home

We made it home safely yesterday afternoon and couldn't be more happy. Libbie on the other hand would rather be back in her safe hotel room at the White Swan. She (and Lambert) had a pretty rough night. She slept all the way from Tokyo to Houston so needless to say she was not ready for bed last night. Lambert had been awake for 32 hours and was MORE than ready for bed. She finally crashed at 5AM. Lambert left me with her this morning so we could get acquainted.... she screamed for over 3 hours. When her daddy walked in.... she never cried again. He's putting her down now in our room and I can hear her whaling... Hoot's in there with her so hopefully she'll feel safe with daddy and Hoot. She was a fire cracker tonight. She yells at us in a commanding voice when she wants something. She orders Hoot around like you can't believe. I couldn't decide if I should post this or not, but it's real... she is a marathon screamer when she is mad or scared or whatever. Her referral reported that she likes to cry... I remember saying babies don't "like" to cry... something is wrong and they are trying to communicate. Well I learned today after 3 hours, it's a sport for her. She didn't pass out or let up for 3 HOURS.... I didn't know that was humanly possible. Hoot covers his ears and says "please stop orphan baby please stop" We told him he couldn't say that anymore, but we cracked up after he went to bed. He loves her so much and is just a big protector. He wants to help feed her and rub her back when she's whimpering. We're really trying to make him feel included. We can see that he feels left out sometimes. It's just hard for him. I'm sure it's hard for all older siblings when the new baby comes. We were sooooo blessed by our friends at the airport. They made the cutest signs and even made signs for him. His class made a sign and my bff brought it and everyone brought him gifts too. We are truly blessed by the most wonderful friends. Hoot was so proud that he was a part of it. At dinner he said, "okay remember it's all about me now, we back in Texas. I'm home!"
I am happy to be home with my two chicks in my nest. Now if I could get her to like me, I'll be set!
Lambert never got the motivation to post, but he's shared so many wonderful thoughts I decided I'll share a couple with you.
He told me today that he really feels changed. We have heard friends say how they feel when they come home from a mission trip... you just see things a little different. Things we take for granted everyday are unheard of to most of the world. We can be so materialistic and selfish in America. He didn't think he would love her the way he loves Hoot. He wasn't sure he could... she had him at first sight. He was so unsure of how we would parent her, but he couldn't send her back. The bond between the two of them is the same as if she had been born to us. He is proud and tender with her. I'm proud of him... he's changing her diaper so I know it's love.

I'm hoping now that were home, he'll have the energy to do a little guest post. We'll see. He's got some good stuff.
We are praising the Lord today that missed the earthquake in Tokyo. We literally missed it by hours. God spared us and we are thankful. We wold have been in BIG trouble. We couldn't communicate with anyone and we didn't have our guide to help. Our prayers are with the people there. Many adoptive families travel through Tokyo to China so we pray for them as well. I'll leave you with this... if you feel God calling you to do something and you're fearful. Fear not. He will provide. He is faithful and He will be with you. That's the biggest thing we walked away with. When we are obedient and trusting, He is the closest to us.
We left a family of three and we came home a family of four. PTL!!


  1. Oh my gosh, Shelly, I DIED at Hoot's comment! Probably good that you corrected him, but I appreciated the laugh!

    I'm so glad I can keep up with you guys through blog world now!

  2. It was such a honor to be there when you came home. I want to post about it too but have not had a chance. Welcome HOME! Libbie will settle in. Everything is so new and so confusing to her and no one can really understand what she is telling you. She will learn the language and she will learn to trust. Love needs no language though and she is already learning that you all love her. Kate said all day.. I love that Libbie Mama!

    As soon as you guys feel settled we'd like to have your family over for dinner:)

    I am here if you need anything at all.


  3. Glad to hear y'all are home safe and sound! I've been showing Bella the pictures and she says "Mommy, Owen's sister is so cute! When can we see her?" We'll definitely have to get together once y'all are all settled in. We are so excited for all of you. I know this has been a long and often stressful journey for you, but it's so amazing to see what God has done! We'll continue to pray that Libbie will learn to trust you a little more each day. I can't begin to imagine how stressful it must be for you, but I know God is working in her little heart and she will learn that you aren't going to leave her and that she has a mommy who loves her and would do anything for her. Let us know if there is anything we can do for y'all. Can't wait to meet Libbie.

  4. I think you should write posts like this...they are REAL. Adoptive parents who are waiting for their children need to read real stories. When I think of her crying and screaming it makes me sad...for your ears...but also for her little heart. She must have had to make the biggest commotion to get attention where she lived. No child should have to suffer like that...I am praying so much for your family. My daughter Emma and I had a very long journey of love and trust together. If you ever need a shoulder....I am here:)

  5. I have been checking your blog everyday for updates. So glad to hear you are home safe and sound. I trust that each day will be more and more blessed as you become one big & happy family. So great to meet you in Guangzhou!

  6. Hello,
    We too are a Texas family (Houston) who recently adopted from China. We have been home 8 months now. Our Lily had a similiar experience where she attached to her Daddy and wanted nothing to do with me. The crying was also a common theme. It is still an ongoing adjustment. It does get better with time! I will pray for you from experience! :)

  7. I love the last family picture. It's great. You and Hoot have the exact same smile. Darling.

  8. It will get better, and the alternative to her crying is so much worse. I know it is so hard and emotionally taxing. But at least you know she loved and is missing her life and will do such much better having those feelings than none at all. The crying is really will get better and I bet you all will be the best of friends before you know it. Let the jet lag(oh it is the worst huh?) get better and then you all will be able to make some strides.
    Hoot sounds like he is being the best big brother....Yay:)

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