Friday, March 4, 2011

Good doctors can be wrong

She took two steps without assistance... he said, "she'll never walk"

Hoot's BEST buddie left this morning. He prayed for new friends to come today. We are so blessed a new group came and they brought BIG brothers (geges)

Yes they went swimming. It was freezing, but they begged. what could we say. it's been all about the babies so we gave in. They are the Polar Bear club of Guangzhou.
Yes... those are chopsticks and she IS feeding herself. I can't even use chopsticks and my hands work great. she is one determined little ball of fire.

I know some of these photos are so blurry,but they're just so great, I can't help but share.

brother and sister The "best" orthopedic surgeon in China told us Libbie would never walk or feed herself. She is a very determined little STRONG willed child. She is completely opposite of her brother... not afraid of anything and very independant. She shows us another layer of herself each day, but she is very cautious. She shuts down in public and won't make a sound. She studies everything and watches others carefully. I think she forgot that she doesn't smile at me, becuase this morning she flashed a big smile and then gave me the worst oh I forgot I don't care for you!!! I have made an effort today to stay back and give her space today. She is more relaxed, but still has meltdowns. When she goes into a fit, nothig will console her. We just sit back and (cover our ears) pray for this hurting child. There is such depth in her eyes.
We had dinner with a couple that is here adopting their 11th child!! They are from Michigan. I would guess they are in their late 50's and they have 5 grandchildren... you know me, I asked "how do you do it?" The daddy answered, "One word...PRAYER" He is s truck driver... He told us to read Psalm 34 when we got home. I brought my bible with me and read it as soon as we got back to our room. I had read it a couple days before we left for China, but it spoke to me in a new way last night. (i didn't remember what it said to be honest) BUT ITS GOOD STUFF... I'm reading everyday for strength. All things are possible through Christ and with him we are mighty in power and limitless in what we can accomplish. Read it today.
Much love from Guangzhou,
The Lamberts PS sorry about the spelling...


  1. Oh Shelly.....even with only seeing her in pics I can still see a transformation in her every day.....that independence and determination will get her far in life and to overcome the obstacles she had to indure in her little life...I am sure she will walk on her....she is soooooo cute! I love the pic of her and Owen and will be printing that one to put with all the g-baby pics on the bookshelf! Let me tell you, your dad is already smitten with her just through stories and pics, he asks me every morning before he even gets out of bed if we have new pics of Libbie! I can't wait to show him these!
    Soooooo happy that things are going well now, and yes good doctors can be wrong, they are only human and aren't you thankful this one got it wrong!.....much love, Denise

  2. I can hear the joy and gratitude in this post loud and clear. I know these little ones shut down in the beginning and they will eventually reveal all their tricks and their beautiful selves. Kate was a big lump when Dave got her. He thought she could not do anything (even sit up). She would just slump over. She had no pincer grasp (he thought). However, within days she was doing it all:)

    I think the emotional shock is so overwhelming that they regress. I KNOW Libbie will do great things and I am so happy that doctor has been wrong. TWO steps!!!!! Hallelujah!!!

    And she looks like a total pro with those chopsticks!!! I cannot wait to meet her:)

    May I share your story on my blog? I have not because I wanted to respect your privacy. But It is such a story of faith. I think it will really inspire others.

    Clearly this is answered prayer!!! I have been praying continuously.


  3. TWO STEPS!!! That is awesome!!!! Aren't you glad that Jesus is the Great Physician and not the doctors you have seen! He has great plans for Libbie and you guys.
    I agree with the above comment, you can see her transforming through her pictures. The look in her little eyes is changing. She is adorable.
    I am so happy to read that Owen is making friends and having a good time. Matt has been very concerned about him and we have been praying for him (and all of you) at night. Matt's probably worried that he is going to come home a full blown kung-fu fighter, lol.
    I praise God that there is a peace in your writing and spirit now. Glad to see your great wit and humor shining through. Lots of love from TX and praying that Jesus is wrapping you guys tight in His perfect love.

  4. GREAT steps! I hope she "forgets" to smile at you more often. I am praying for you guys!

  5. Hi Shelly - this is Zoe, the friend of Lesleys who you met at Pottery Barn Kids a while back. I tried to post a comment, but I don't think it went through - so sorry for the duplicate post if this is a repeat!

    I want to send some support to you across the ocean. Firstly, don't underestimate both the amazing doctors at Texas Children's Hospital - you would absolutely NOT be the first family to receive one diagnosis in China, only to find out something very different back in Texas. Also - there is a huge healing power of love that can only come from being with a forever family - no matter how good of care a child gets with a foster family or in an orphanage, it's not the same as being loved and cared for in THEIR family. All three of my kids jumped growth curves once they got home - and all three of them were cared for by foster families in Korea and China.

    And - I know it's hard, but try not to worry about her attachment to you. It will come, it just might take some time. Both of my boys attached to my husband long before they were attached to me. My younger son didn't look me in the eyes for about 6 months - he needed a lot of time to grieve his former caregivers before he was ready for a new mama.

    Best of luck! I'll be thinking about all of you!

    -Zoe (in Houston)

  6. I am so happy she "forgot" she didn't care for you for a minute and gave you a smile!!! :)
    She will love you like we do in no time! You have so many people praying over you all! Hoot and Libbie look like they have known each other forever!
    Miss you so much!

  7. YES!!! This is wonderful news!! I too really believe these sweet darlings "shut down" and regress so they can really take in and observe their new surroundings, and as you are showing her everyday love and security, she is peeling back another layer for you to see! Praise God that you listened to his voice and followed his heart!!

    I am so jealouse that you and Kim live close enough to each other...I am so happy more ge ge's showed up for Hoot!!


  8. I meant "followed YOUR heart"..but you followed His too!! :)

  9. I just found your blog today! I love reading your posts. I know someone from right here in Baytown with arthrogryposis, so I am very familiar with it. My friend's daughter has it and she has done great. I will tell you all about it when you get home.

    I am praying for all of you and know God has a wonderful plan for Libbie! He is already doing great things in her life (and yours) by bringing her into your family. Can't wait to meet her in person.

    Love you all,

  10. When I follow these journey's, it just breaks my heart each time to see their little world collapse and break down all around them. Everything is so different, we look different, smell different, talk funny. Yes, you nailed it...control is her only answer. My Emma and Lottie had to control everything around them...Lottie still does:) It seems to comfort her to have control. Praying for your family!

  11. Praying for you and reading that Psalm today. Keep going friend!

  12. Hello from the BCA lunch lady. I have been reading with amazement this last week about the huge blessing you and your family are experiencing! What a mighty God we serve! You are a very wise women in prayerfully considering how to deal with this precious child. You all are in my prayers daily.

  13. This is amazing! I love the first picture. Doctors are often times very wrong. Blessings to you!